Tip: Changing password through Remote...

Tip: Changing password through Remote Desktop Connection

So you need to change your password through RDP connection, but don’t know how to press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the remote system? Well, there’s a simple solution: press Ctrl+Alt+End instead. Yes, I was equally surprised.

Solaris – setting user quota on...


ZFS is a very versatile filesystem, which can hold up to 256 zettabytes of data. Yes, that’s 2^78 bytes. It is often used in enterprise solutions, because it’s just as flexible as linux LVM, but offers additional data integrity protection, and it does it so well, that it’s often recommended to use ZFS software capabilities, rather […]

PostgreSQL and MySQL Unix Time Conver...


TIMESTAMP / DATETIME to Unix Time Unix timestamp handling is a bit different in MySQL and PostgreSQL, so when you’re rewriting SQL queries to work with the other database it’s good to know how to convert Unix timestamps. PostgreSQL postgres=# SELECT EXTRACT(epoch from timestamp with time zone ‘2016-02-25 12:15:17+01’); date_part ———— 1456398917 (1 row) MySQL […]

Debugging iptables on Red Hat and Cen...

Debugging iptables on Red Hat and CentOS

When setting up new services on a clean Red Hat or CentOS install, many administrators face problems related to the default security settings. Red Hat is secured by default, including, but not limited to, iptables firewall and SElinux, which are both enabled after installation. I will never recomend disabling iptables without trying to add required […]

Windows Update hangs and consumes 100...

Windows Update hangs and consumes 100% of CPU on Windows 7 SP1

Last weekend I’ve upgraded an old laptop, originally running Windows Vista, to Windows 7, in order to prepare it for the free upgrade to Windows 10, while it’s still available free of charge. After installation, Windows 7 spent a good deal of time updating itself until reaching SP1. After SP1 installation, Windows Update seemingly stopped […]

MySQL Master-Slave Replication


Master-slave replication can be used to replicate database to another server – as a hot standby backup, but it won’t offer any performance increase (all writes will still happen on one server). Configuring Master Database First, we set up MySQL config file vi /etc/my.cnf Find the following line to make MySQL listen on its network […]

Acer Aspire One fan control in Ubuntu

Zrzut ekranu z 2016-01-30 15:01:14

This setting will shut down Acer Aspire  One’s noisy fan when the CPU temp is low, and will only spin up if the CPU temperature rises above the default threshold of 60C Tested on AOA110, should work in 150 as well; Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 $ sudo -i # echo “options acerhdf kernelmode=1 […]

Setting up IPSEC VPN gateway with Xau...


Many people map ports on their home or small office routers, so their webserver or any other service is reachable from the internet. It is ok, but can be potentially a security flaw. It would be much more secure if instead of mapping ports you installed a VPN server. With VPN in place first you […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 installa...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 installation

A lot of systems in production still run Red Hat 6, so learning how to install (or reinstall) it is still a good idea. The instruction below will work with CentOS 6.7 as well. As with Red Hat 7.2, first we need to obtain RHEL 6.7  ISO image file from access.redhat.com. Once the image has been […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installati...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 has already been available for over 8 months, but is still fairly new. We will be using it as a base for our upcoming tutorials, so it is important to learn how to install it. The instruction below will work with CentOS 7.2 as well. Installation procedure is a bit […]