Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installati...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 has already been available for over 8 months, but is still fairly new. We will be using it as a base for our upcoming tutorials, so it is important to learn how to install it. Installation procedure is a bit different from the previous line of RHEL 6.x. While Red […]

Managing VMware Server with VMware vS...

Managing VMware Server with VMware vSphere Client

VMware Server 2.x does not have any GUI management tool, save for a web based interface. As much as Server is an outdated product, as it turns out, it is unofficially supported by the VMware vSphere Client (formerly known as Infrastructure Client), the same one which can be used to manage vSphere Hypervisors (formerly called ESXi) hosts. […]

Setting up Recovery Catalog using fre...

Setting up Recovery Catalog using free Oracle Express

  You don’t need a commercial license to create a Recovery Catalog – Oracle Express Edition will be just fine for this task. To create the recovery catalog schema in the recovery catalog database: Start SQL*Plus and connect with administrator privileges to the database containing the recovery catalog. In this example, the database is rcvcat. […]

Managing user accounts

Managing user accounts

Creating new accounts and changing passwords is by far the most common administrative work. In most commonly used OSes it is quite easy to do so, but reference is always handy: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008) GUI method is probably one of the easiest in the IT world. First, right click ‘Computer‘ […]

Regular expressions reference

Regular expressions reference

One of the most useful features of any programming language, a feature used for all kinds of parsers and format converters. Already know what I’m talking about? Regular expressions! Here’s a quick regexp cheat sheet: Special characters (must be escaped with \) \ ^ . $ | ( ) [ ] * + ? { […]

Configuring Xserver in Ubuntu to allo...

Configuring Xserver in Ubuntu to allow remote X applications

Running remote X applications on Fedora and Red Hat works out of box, but it doesn’t on Ubuntu. Here is how you can make it work: Edit the /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas and change: $ sudo vi /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas find security/TCP DisAllowTCP and set it to false Then restart Xserver or reboot the box and run this command to allow […]

Solaris Explorer hangs during log col...

Solaris Explorer hangs during log collection

Most Solaris admins have gathered Explorer at least once during their career. Explorer is a log and configuration collection utility, which creates a single archive with basic troubleshooting information. Oracle support will require this file almost every time you open a Service Request with them. But what to do if Explorer hangs during collection? Well, […]

Seagate Barracuda ST3500320AS fix


What the… ? Last sunday I got hit by an unexpected hard drive failure (are hard drive failures ever expected?). Good thing is I had most of the data backed up. The worst part is, it was the system drive, so the PC was effectively shut down. The drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, also […]

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