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Sansha Victory SKIN (Permanent)


Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings (SKINs) are a technology that enables capsuleers to change the look of their ships at will. Individual ship SKINs are activated by integrating the special encoding into the pilot's neural interfaces, and are subsequently available to use on any suitable ship flown by the capsuleer.

This rare SKIN was designed and manufactured by the Independent Gaming Commission exclusively as a prize for alliances that achieved victory over their opponents in Alliance Tournament XIII in YC117. The first of its kind, this SKIN uses prototype adaptors to enable its application to a number of related ship hulls using the same instruction set.
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SKIN applies to: Immolator
Mass:0 kg
Volume (unpacked):0 m3
Cargohold:0.00 m3
Baseprice:0.00 ISK
Portion size:1 item