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Rattlesnake King's Ransom Luecin SKIN (Permanent)


Luecin Rileau was the Gallente Federation's ambassador to the Caldari State and a surprisingly competent occupant of a notoriously tricky diplomatic billet for a playboy son of a trillionaire mining magnate. Luecin's father, Darouen Rileau, has long been known as 'Diamond King' for his interests in precious stone mining – even though Rileau made most of his fortune in the hyper-lucrative rare-earth extraction industry.

It was Darouen Rileau's wealth and deep connections with the Gallente Federation's military-industrial complex that allowed him to make his son Luecin's wish to become the Gallente ambassador to the Caldari State come true. Luecin had one vice above all others: gambling. It was likely this habit that led Luecin to seek the posting to the State, where he frequented the famous Grand Tiegjon Casino in Vellaine. Luecin developed a liking for Pettokori, a popular electro-board game. During a session of Pettokori, the Guristas leaders Fatal and the Rabbit struck.

Engineering a situation that allowed them to kidnap the hapless Luecin, the pirate lords spirited the Diamond King's son away and put him up for a ransom in diamonds truly worthy of a king. Darouen Rileau was no doubt vexed by his son's foolisness but the ransom was paid in the end and the notoriety and fame of the Guristas leaders increased to legendary heights.
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