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Leshak Hadean Horror SKIN (Permanent)


Entertainment corporations across New Eden have been quick to rush out new holoreel productions focusing on the Triglavians and Abyssal Deadspace. Be it Echelon Entertainment's patriotic "Abyssal Intruders", the Leisure Group's lurid "Triglavian Tryst", or the wildly popular "Hadean Horrors" from Impetus.

Using the special effects from "Hadean Horrors" as a template, a nanocoating and holographic package for the capsuleer market was developed for those pilots who have adopted Triglavian ship designs. This monstrous design lends a somewhat alien menace to ships it is applied to, enhancing the intimidating and aggressive look of Triglavian vessels.
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SKIN applies to: Leshak
Mass:0 kg
Volume (unpacked):0 m3
Cargohold:0.00 m3
Baseprice:0.00 ISK
Portion size:1 item