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Leshak Red Meatgrinder SKIN (Permanent)


This special commemorative nanocoating celebrates the historic Siege of C-J6MT, a major battle from the early years of capsuleer empire-building and territorial warfare.

In May YC108, the Siege of C-J6MT began as the beleaguered forces of Red Alliance formed to defend their last stronghold against their deadly foes in the "Coalition of the South". Although outnumbered, the Red Alliance pilots were determined to sell themselves dearly and based their tactics around their core defensive starbase and packs of hit-and-run Tempest-class battleships.

When Coalition forces mounted their assault, the starbase and Tempest squadrons wreaked havoc on the attackers. So high was the butcher's bill racked up by the Red Alliance starbase it was given the nickname "The Meatgrinder" by the defenders. Ultimately, the Siege of C-J6MT was won by Red Alliance and proved a turning point in the conflict with the Coalition of the South.
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