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Rattlesnake Aetheric Raiders SKIN (Permanent)


Rumors of pirate groups infiltrating Abyssal Deadspace have grown in volume since the way to those strange regions of space was opened to New Eden's pilots. One persistent tale has the Guristas pirates raiding down from New Eden to fight extensive battles against Triglavian fleets deep in the very heart of the abyss.

Whether the tales of vast clashes in the dark depths of Abyssal Deadspace are true or impossible exaggerations of the kind often heard in the dives frequented by piratical scum remains to be seen.
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SKIN applies to: Rattlesnake
Mass:0 kg
Volume (unpacked):0 m3
Cargohold:0.00 m3
Baseprice:0.00 ISK
Portion size:1 item