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The day Aideron Technologies was born

With the recent changes to Faction Warfare in EVE, rewards for participation in FW have been increased considerably. Because of that, Aideron Robotics directorship is planning to enlist with Gallente Federation in an effort to mount additional pressure against the Caldari militia and reap the rewards. This has a side effect on the Industry Program, which has been effectively pushed out to a new sister corp, Aideron Technologies.

Aideron Robotics will still have a small industry wing for people who would like to contribute to both FW and production, but the majority of industrial tasks (and planning) will be done by Aideron Technologies.

For those interested in joining Aideron, the good news is, we are still recruiting, and there will be one recruitment process to both corps. During the interview new characters will be assessed and players will receive a proposal to join one of the corporations (or both, if player owns more characters). To apply to Aideron, please visit our forum: www.aideronrobotics.com. If you are considering Aideron as your new home, this Seismic Stan's column about Aideron Robotics on Guild Launch will be a great source of information about our day-to-day operations.


Aideron Robotics and Aideron Technologies do share common roots, but are completely separate corporations. If you would like to apply to Aideron Technologies, please contact Razeu or TheAhmosis in game.

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