[UPDATE] Another short report from Duality

Retribution login screen

  • Without doubt, the last couple of login screens were beautiful, and so is the Retribution one.
  • All unnamed ships have now received their name:
    • ORE Frigate – Dasher Venture
    • New Amarr Destroyer – Dragoon
    • New Caldari Destroyer – Corax
    • New Gallente Destroyer – Algos
    • New Minmatar Destroyer – Talwar
  • The new Stabber and Vagabond models look closer to the release version, but still are not ready yet. The current Buckingham build contains new fully textured models of Vagabond, Stabber and Stabber Fleet Issue:

New Stabber in Retribution New Stabber Fleet Issue in Retribution New Vagabond in Retribution


The Retribution Status Post has been updated as well.

PS. Build 443330 446218 SQLite Data Dump is available for viewing: http://pozniak.pl/explorer/


Duality has been closed for player use, and all Retribution testing has been moved to Buckingham. Dasher has been now renamed to Venture.