Battlecruiser changes proposed by CCP Fozzie

As stated in the previous year, CCP is continuing their rebalancing efforts and is now looking into Battlecruiser rebalancing (see frigate and cruiser changes in this post). Namely devs are going to remove Tiers and bring much-needed love to some underutilized BC hulls. The rebalanced battlecruisers will have their EHP levelled, former Tier 1 versions receiving a slight boost, while Tier 2 are going to get a slight nerf.

It’s worth mentioning, that the changes to Prophecy and Cyclone are giving them a new role. Prophecy is now becoming a drone boat, while keeping it’s tanking potential. The Cyclone is getting a missile launcher RoF bonus, resulting in a bonus to all damage types.

The original post by Fozzie is here on the forums, and all the changes have been summed up in the tables below:

Up to date tables are available in Retribution Point Release post.

PS. One more thing. Hans Jagerblitzen has replied to Fozzie’s original post in a way that suggests possible changes to active armor tanking:

Hans Jagerblitzen
But Fozzie, 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount on both Gallente Battlecruisers?? But we all know how much active armor tanking sucks!! Whatever will you do about this dilemma…..

I wouldn’t say my triple-armor-rep Myrmidon sucks. I haven’t lost it even once yet 😉