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EVE industry Profit Chart report for December 2018

Hi industrial minded capsuleers o7

EVE Profit Chart report for December 2018

Orca still remains the most profitable ship to build in EVE, but the next items have rotated a lot. Second place now belongs to Wolf, which takes 36 million ISK to build, and sells for 44,99 million ISK. Market capacity is 822, so there is plenty room for profit there. Bowhead dropped from 2nd to 7th. Medium Proton Smartbomb II went up from 4th to 3rd place.

Someone is trolling the market with Target Painter II - at the time of generating the Profit Chart, it was selling for 997 million ISK (should be 997 thousand) with only 7 items in the market.

Worth noticing is also the Leshak, which had its material price substantially reduced over the past month. The price of the ship went down a bit less, which means there is a bit more room for profit. Build price is 435 million ISK, and the ship sells for 469 million.


Profit Chart is a module within LMeve application, which compares costs of running the complete production process (invention, subparts, manufacturing) and the lowest sell price.

But what about ME you say? What about Decryptors for Invention?

  • For Tech I items and ships ME 10 is assumed.
  • For Tech II modules no decryptors are used, so ME is 2.
  • For Tech II ships Symmetry Decryptor is used, so ME is 4, and run number on the BPC is 3.
  • For Capital Parts ME 10 is used.
  • For Capital Ships ME 4 is used.

Fly safe o7

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EVE industry Profit Chart report for November 2018

Hi industrial minded capsuleers o7

Last month I have published the first Profit Chart report for EVE Online, but it was only partially useful.
Why? Because I missed the most imprtant part required to understand how the report is made.


Profit Chart is a module within LMeve application, which compares costs of running the complete production process (invention, subparts, manufacturing) and the lowest sell price.

But what about ME you say? What about Decryptors for Invention?

  • For Tech I items and ships ME 10 is assumed.
  • For Tech II modules no decryptors are used, so ME is 2.
  • For Tech II ships Symmetry Decryptor is used, so ME is 4, and run number on the BPC is 3.
  • For Capital Parts ME 10 is used.
  • For Capital Ships ME 4 is used.

EVE Profit Chart report for November 2018

Let's get in touch

Feel free to comment, if you think other assumptions would be better, or if there is anything unclear that needs further explanation 🙂 I'd like this to be a monthly post, so more useful it is, the better 🙂

Fly safe o7


LMeve GUI update – Decryptors!

I have recently made two commits to LMeve repository, that add some new functionality and fixed some bugs:

- Added Decryptors to Tech II and III invention
- Decryptor configuration is stored per typeID, so you can choose best decryptor for each item.
- Beautiful LMeve links - added "media" directives for Open Graph and Twitter
- Added Killboard button on login page, if killboard is opened in public mode
- Added print.css for printing pages from LMeve
- View is now rendered to HTML as the last thing, so LMeve pages can now modify title and other header attributes, including media tags.
- fixed JSON output of LMeve Northbound API - numbers are now presented as numbers, not strings (without " quotes)

Speaking of Decryptors. Invention previously assumed no decryptors used (and ME=2 and TE=2 were hardcoded). Now for each item you can choose if and which Decryptor to use.
It will be used everywhere in LMeve - in Profit Chart, in Database and in Logistic Kits. While you choose Decryptors in Database, ME, PE and material lists are updated on the fly, cost calculation requires clicking "Save". This will be fixed in a future release.


Update is already available on LMeve project page.


EVE industry Profit Chart report for October 2018

One of the interesting features of LMeve is "Profit Chart". It is able to analyze manufacturing costs (including materials, invention, reverse engineering or manufacturing fees). On the other side it shows the current minimum sell price in Jita and potential profit. It also shows the market volume for the item, so you know if there is much isk to be made, or just a few billion.

Are you interested in knowing which items are best produced in October? Check out this monthly Profit Chart Report for October 2018.


EVE Project Galaxy – ARkit 2 enabled game for iOS

This morning I was reading information about iOS 12 on the official polish Apple site.

To my surprise, I've noticed some EVE Online assets on an iPad in one of the photos. When I clicked on the photo, my jaw dropped so hard on the floor, I'm still looking for it.

Here's what I saw:

When I bought my first iPad in 2011, one of my dreams was to play EVE Online or at least a mobile game set in New Eden. Fast forward 7 years, I bought an Intel-based Windows 10 tablet, which can just play EVE Online (or any other PC game). But for Project Galaxy, I guess I should've chosen a new iPad Pro instead.

In June, at Apple’s WWDC18 event, CCP Games and NetEase announced their coooperation in making a mobile game codenamed EVE: Project Galaxy. The game is scheduled to be released in 2019. It is said to be released for all major mobile platforms (so we can speculate iOS will not be the only one). Contrary to Project Aurora, which I have covered in this post about EVE: War of Ascension, Project Galaxy will be a scaled down version of EVE Online, with all core gameplay experiences like combat, mining, industrial manufacturing, trade and exploration. The game is also said to use the ARkit2.0 library, revealed by Apple at WWDC2018, which brings several new features to AR-enabled phones and tablets, such as persistent and multiuser virtual space which can now be shared across time and fixed to real-world locations, 3D object recognition, face tracking or scene reflection (ability to reflect real environment by virtual objects).

More information is in the official press release on ccpgames.com.

Ready to blow up some spaceships in your living room?

EVE Hype is real.

Apple spilled the beans! @CCPGames is making an iOS game for AR-kit called PROJECT GALAXY! I've noticed it on the polish IOS 12 description page: https://t.co/ehpCqTu5Zn I look and see EVE graphics on iPad and I'm like WTF?! #tweetfleet #eveonline #AR #iOS12 pic.twitter.com/qe6kYTz1z0— Lukas Rox (@rox_lukas) October 3, 2018


EVE: War of Ascension (aka Project Aurora)

So on my 13th EVE Online anniversary (please mind I've been retired for the past 3 years) Kael Decadence informed me that Project Aurora is actually playable as open beta. So I've immediately downloaded the game to my Android phone and began playing (I don't have enough free time to play games properly on PC, but generally can find time to play games on mobile - it's why I focused on World of Tanks Blitz for the past four years).

After 48 hours of playing I am slowly reaching Command Module level 6 and already have some feedback to the Playraven/CCP teams.

Things that the Playraven team nailed:

  • Resource mechanics are nice. Corp moon mining <3
  • Citadel contesting mechanic is ok. Simplified, but similar to EVE.
  • Shield and armor ship setups <3
  • PVP is quite dynamic - you can help and defend your friends, too
  • Technology tree looks good
  • Spin counter <3

Things that the CCP team didn't convince Playraven team to hard enough:

  • There is ship incosistency between EVE Online and EVE:WoA
    • Caldari Shuttle as Civilian Miner. Drop Shuttle from this line, make Venture as the entry level, and add Hulk on top of the tree.
    • Navitas and Heron are Logi and Ewar respectively - here are used as combat vessels
  • No in-game factions are present. Where are my Serpentis rats?!
  • Ships should be recyclable (can be at a reduced rate like in EVE), because right now I have to throw them at someone to destroy them
  • The same applies to Repair Bay - it should be possible to recycle ships from there
  • Ship descriptions are copied from EVE Online and don't reflect the EVE:WoA specifics
  • Instant fleet Warp? As if there were no Jump Portals in EVE? Come on! Name the things appropriately please.
  • Fleet recall requires microtransactions? It's free in most other games in the genre vide: Galaxy on fire Alliances, OGame, Supernova

Things that Playraven team could add:

  • Ability to link your EVE Online account and portrait with EVE:WoA (use SSO, download character image)
  • Cross-game promotions with EVE Online and EVE Valkyrie (unique SKINs, etc., unique items)

Update Open beta will go down on September 28th 2018. The game will go live somewhere in 2019. I will miss this little time-killer...


Taking a break


I'm taking a break from EVE Online (possibly for good), so this blog will not be updated until further notice.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my other projects:

All the above are still supported and updated, so drop me a mail if you have any issues:

Lukas Rox


LMeve Killboard mentioned in o7 show Episode#10

Making a killboard with real 3D ships didn't go unnoticed, specifically CCP Guard mentioned it in Episode#10 of the o7 show.

Check it out (starts at 29:05):

LMeve Killboard featured in o7

This new killboard is part of LMeve, so you can have it, too!


LMeve dev-blog: Killboard with WebGL ship preview

It was quiet on the blog lately, but behind the scenes I was receiving tons of valuable feedback, and development was slowly but surely progressing through the past month.

There were two recurring questions in the feedback I was getting:

  • Corp API Keys editable in GUI
  • Killboard

So these two features have been made the top priorities. Here's the results:


Some people set up an instance of LMeve, and then on the same host they set up a killboard. How convenient would it be if one app contained both? Good idea. But there is so many killboards already available, that writing a new one which copies existing functionality made little sense. I had to do something new!

In the previous release, LMeve got ship fitting preview in Inventory, and it felt like a great way to display the fitting of destroyed ships as well. But first, I need the killmail data.

Killmails are available from two APIs: XML (with corp API Key) and CREST (you need to know certain information about the killmail to be able to fetch it). Item list in the XML API lacks specialized cargoholds, so I opted for a hybrid approach. First, I download Killmail.xml.aspx, based on this information I can calculate a killmail hash required by CREST, and finally download the CREST Killmail to fetch complete item list, including fittings and specialized cargoholds. This default behavior can however be changed in Settings, where you can choose to use plain XML API instead (it's a little faster, but fittings of destroyed ships might be incomplete).

Right, but theres nothing new here, right? zKillboard does this out of the box. Well, true.

That's where the second feature comes in. I changed the fitting display to include a 3D ship preview (rendered using CCP WebGL) instead of a static ship image (which, mind you, is a fallback for older PCs/browsers). Yup, you can spin and zoom the ship on the killmail! It works in Inventory, too!

Enough words, pics or it didn't happen:

killboard webgl_killboard_4 webgl_killboard_3 webgl_killboard_2 webgl_killboard_1

Corp API Keys editable in GUI

This is a very simple, yet important feature. Previously, during LMeve installation procedure you had to input your API Keys in PhpMyAdmin, by directly inserting into a database. I've chosen not to expose API Keys in GUI, because they could potentially be abused. But this made already complicated installation procedure even worse, so after some deliberation I've decided to add a GUI for it.


And here's the complete list of this month's features, coming to LMeve in 0.1.55:

  • Fully functional Killboard
  • XML and CREST killmail support in API Poller
  • Can use either XML or CREST killmail endpoint (configurable in Settings)
  • CCP WebGL preview in Inventory and Killboard ship fitting window
  • You can now input Corp API Keys in GUI
  • Disabled accounts have existing sessions terminated immediately
  • Bug fixes

Anniversary Giveaway Winners!

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes!

I'm humbled and overwhelmed by the Community response. I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome!

This giveaway went much bigger than I initially expected, mainly due to CCP posting it on EVE Online facebook page. But enough rambling, I'm sure you're curious who the winners are.

First I compiled a ticket list in order comments arrived - it's available here (please mind some people commented under their real names or other nicknames, so I looked up their in-game character name in the comment itself)

Once commenting was closed at midnight, I've put 168 as the total number of tickets and 13 as the number of rolls into this Chribba dice. Rolled, unlocked, and...

The winners are:

Men's 'Sterling' Dress Shirt (Ishukone Special Edition) 134. Mav Kain
One Billion ISK in cash 167. Siddhar Gangari
Genolution Core Augmentation set CA1 through CA4 145. Rouge Queen
Python Mine BPO (never unpacked), Anaconda Mine BPO (never unpacked) 89. Culu Dunkatar (@Hastabul)
Assorted ship SKINs
Catalyst Intaki Syndicate SKIN, Thrasher Nefantar SKIN, others
57. Belten
GDN-9 "Nightstalker" Combat Goggles 30. Garageguy
Genolution Core Augmentation set CA1 through CA4 69. SkulX Hekki
Genolution Core Augmentation set CA1 through CA4 39. Xavier Strange
Bonus prize


donated by The Angel Project

8. Thansoli (@Thansoli)
Bonus prize


donated by High Drag Podcast

105. Galbadine
Bonus prize


donated by Llediarth

71. easi
Bonus prize


donated by Aideron Technologies

34. Senor Kittens
Bonus prize

Dominix Navy Issue

donated by Aideron Technologies

64. Gor Fera



Contracts are already up in game. Unclaimed prizes will be raffled once more.

Thanks again!

Fly safe o7