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New Corp – Changes!

So I've been running this one-man corp of mine for about a year and it was... going nowhere. I did have enough time to log on briefly and do the PI. I could build some stuff (I have been inventing and manufacturing 425mm Railgun II's for some time), but most of the time I did not feel like flying to hubs for materials. Any kind of low or null sec ventures would require me to team up with others (and either wait for them, or make them wait for me). Of course I did earn some occasional kills when someone more or less explicitly crossed my path and did something stupid.

But it's all history now, because after this tweet:

I have applied, been screened, and in the end allowed to join Aideron Robotics, the corp which brings you Aura, an excellent EVE API client for Android. I will be joining an army of industrialists, who fuel the war machine and build ships for those who make things boom. The more ships you guys destroy, the more ISK I make, so keep 'em coming! My inner businessman is looking forward to Hulkageddon V and changes introduced in Escalation to Inferno: both will drive mineral prices crazy (they have become quite high already - market warriors already make profit from the coming changes).

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