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Free character recustomization in EVE

In the upcoming patch for EVE Online there will be several features coming to fill the gaps in the new Carbon Character Creator. Lots of players have complained about very limited amount of available hair styles, clothes or accessories to choose from.

First off, you will be able to recustomize your character anytime you want, and most importantly, totally for free. CCP has put a lot of effort in developing Character Creator feature, and it is a shame that you could only use it once. But there are also some limitations. You will *only* be able to change the following:

  • hair
  • tattoos (finally)
  • piercing
  • accessories (new glasses designs also coming)
  • clothing (Lukas Rox can't wait to wear his limited edition Quafe t-shirt!)

You will not, however, be able to re-sculpt your body or face. I have already tried these new features on Sisi, you can see the results below.

I also have an idea for CCP: please save the last pose, lighting and placement on the portrait - this way player can change character's appearance, but isn't forced to place the avatar exactly the same way (which can be quite hard sometimes).

'Recustomize' button in Station panel New glasses in Carbon character creator Tattoos in Carbon character creator

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