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Close up on the Talos (edited)

Textured Talos model on Singularity

Textured Talos model on Singularity

I had some more free time recently, and spent most of it playing with Winter Expansion features and ships on Singularity. One of the tests involved the new gallente Tier-3 battlecruiser, the Talos. It is truly an amazing source of DPS, not only in the battlecruiser class, but also scores high in the battleship world as well. But lets get down to numbers:

Talos sports 8 high slots and 8 turret hardpoints, 4 med and 5 low slots. Ships core generates 1100 MW of power (1375 with skills included) and 360 tf of CPU (450 with skills). The bonus list allows Talos to fit battleship size turrets:

  • 5% damage to Large Hybrid turrets per level
  • 7,5% tracking to Large Hybrid turrets per level

Role bonuses:

  • 95% reduction in the PG need of Large Hybrid turrets
  • 50% reduction in the CPU need of Large Hybrid turrets
  • 50% reduction in the capacitor usage of Large Hybrids

Unfortunately the HP is rather unimpressive:

  • 2111 shield
  • 2272 armor

So this ship will either become a sniper or close-range gank damage dealer. The sniper scenario would include 8x 425mm Railgun IIs, 3x Magnetic Field Stabilizers, Damage Control Unit II and some plating. Med slots can include tracking computers and EW mods. Unfortunately even after rebalancing, rails still lack both the range and the alpha of Artillery. So a sniper Talos is not the best way to use this ship.

First thought was to make it a gank machine

Close range fit would swap rails with 8x Neutron Blaster Cannon II, 3x Mag stabs stay where they are, DCU II and 800mm rolled tungsten will complete the low slot rack. Med slots would be swapped with 10MN MWD II, Web and Point. Since my CPU was almost gone at this point, I have chosen to put a Sensor Booster with Resolution script in the last med slot. This is a typical gank fit, dishing out 855 DPS with just regular Antimatter L rounds. This is one hell of a lot for a BC. Unfortunately, this fit does not offer much in terms of protection: only 15k EHP with 3x medium trimarks. Swapping neutrons with electrons and fitting 1600mm plates will reduce the DPS output, but will also give more EHP. Still, this makes Talos a glass cannon. Swapping Mag Stabs with EANMs II is another way to improve the defense, but will also further reduce its amazing DPS potential.

EDIT: Due to Tier 3 BCs lack of tank, their PVP use would be a fast, ranged DPS

This approach requires long range cannons - in this case Railguns, which also received a 10% damage buff in Crucible.

With 8x 425mm Railgun IIs in highs, a 10MN MWD II and 3x Magnetic Field Stabilizers II in lows we have a possibility to keep the distance, while Tracking Disruptors or Sensor Dampeners keep the enemies from shooting. Adding 2x Nanofiber Internal Structure IIs allows Talos to fly 325m/s with no speed mods on! With 10MN MWD it easily tops 1900 m/s or 700 m/s with AB. It's small signature (200 m) would suggest it's better to use Afterburner. Distance and speed seem to be the way to go.

Talos has a 7,5% tracking bonus per level, which greatly helps its 425mm rails hitting their target. Unfortunately, it is not the best sniper:

  • Faction Antimatter L - 36 km - 700,3 DPS
  • Javelin L - 18 km - 710,4 DPS
  • Spike L - 129 km - 405,9 DPS (requires sensor booster)

Additionally, Talos can use 5 small drones (25 m3 dronebay and 25 mbit bandwidth), which can help fending off frigates.


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