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Escalation to Inferno is now live on Singularity!

The new login screen is simply gorgeous. Big kudos to the Art Departament @CCP!

Let's see which items from the list are already available in the current beta:

  • Ship re-balancing and changes to ship skill tree (racial battlecruisers and destroyers)

As you can see, there is no changes here yet.

  • Drone iterations

During the mass test I was unable to visit Drone Regions, but as you can see on the map, true sec has already been adjusted:

  • Incursion iterations

Vanguards ISK payout in high sec has been slightly adjusted (-10%). Additionally, blitzing is no longer possible; all ships need to be destroyed before next wave spawns. The waves themselves have been randomized, so they are not easily predictable anymore.


  • Improved HUD

The new HUD now has e-war indicators above the gauge, but is still a little buggy. Once you dock and undock, the new HUD will be... gone. According to CCP this is a known issue and workaround is to open PI screen and then closing it - HUD will be back.


The mass test, as usual, included a fair amount of pew-pew:


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