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EVE Online: Odyssey Status Post


Expansion name: Odyssey
Release date: June 4th, 2013
Expansion theme: Exploration, Resource shakeup (EVE Online: Cataclysm!!! ...just kidding), Outpost and POS iterations, Ship Skill Tree change, Ship rebalancing
Last update of this post: 04.06.2013
Patch notes: Odyssey 1.0
SQLite Database dump: build 539491 *

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See this post for information regarding Odyssey 1.1

* Please mind the above is Reverence library based dump (cache/bulk data scraping from Singularity client), so it does not contain all the tables found in the official CCP data dump. Static data dump conversions can be found here: http://pozniak.pl/dbdump/

PS. Click on headers to show/hide content.

Exploration changes

Resource changes

Tech I items with Tech II materials changes

Naglfar and Phoenix material changes

Clone cost changes

Graphical changes

Ship rebalancing

Module and ammo rebalancing

Cruise missiles balancing

Small Navy Cap Boosters

Large Energy Turret balancing

Ship Resistance bonus balancing

Capital sized rigs

Starbase iterations

Ship Skill Tree changes

Security status for Tags

More information

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  1. Great post, love the way you format the ship data and posts into an easily readable form, but I think its missing faction navy frigates changes slated for Odyssey?


    • Thanks for the heads up! It seems I have indeed missed the navy frigs somehow 🙁 Will add them ASAP 😉

      • Done, frigates added as well. Thanks again for spotting this!

        • Thats bc you are too busy designing the tools. 😛

          • I like to keep myself occupied. New tool is just one of many things out there 😉
            PS. I hope you enjoyed the Tasks panel in the new tool [cracks a whip] 😉

          • release date isn’t June 6th. it is June 4th. you should fix that up top.

          • Thanks Crysis, it’s now corrected!

            Quite funny mistake actually, it was there all along and no one spotted it, including myself (especially that I’ve correctly put June 4th on the banner).

  2. Nice Post, really like the new station shaders.
    I started to use your sqlite datadump and found the table invTypeMaterials is not present. Try your Explorer T1 BPOs need only Skills to manufacture.

    • Hey there!

      I’m afraid the dump in question is not complete (at least compared to CCP’s official Static Data Dump). I make this one using Entity’s Reverence library. It pulls all of its data directly from client cache and bulk data (in this case from Singularity client).

      This is a perfect source of information about changes in ships (it contains complete invTypes and dogma tables), but it lacks most of the other tables present in the official dump from CCP.

      I also do the conversion of the official data dump, and you can find it here: http://pozniak.pl/dbdump/

      The last file for Retribution 1.1 should be better 😉

  3. Navy Battlecruisers! Old cane and 8 launcher drake inbound!

  4. really good post, i have copy pasted in to my eve blog, intenseve.wordpress.com of course i have included source, a link for your page 😀
    i hope that is ok

    • Normally I have nothing against using the content of this website elsewhere, as long as some general guidelines are met:

      – add a header that says where you obtained the material from, for example
      “I have found this useful information on Torchwood Archives”
      – use quotation blocks to indicate which fragments are yours and which are being quoted

      and finally:

      – ask for permission before copying the material

      The way you pasted it to your blog makes an impression that it is your own post. I cannot say I’m completely OK with that.