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Community spotlight: EVEPortraits.com

One of the features introduced in Incursion was the new Character Creator. This has allowed new and veteran players alike to create much better character portraits - mainly because the old Character Creator was left untouched since 2003.

I am quite sure you have already seen characters, whose portraits look almost as good as a high quality photograph. And some other people have noticed them, too. A veteran EVE Online player called Reality X has created a website dedicated to character portraits: www.eveportraits.com.

For those of you, who are not too excited about character portraits I have one more word: "Contest". A contest with some high-caliber prizes. Reality X is running a recurring event for people who would like to test their CG talents  against the new Character Creator. For a small fee of 20 million ISK you can submit your avatar to the contest and get a chance to win an expensive  faction ship. The current sixth iteration of the contest offers the faction variants of Iteron Mark IV, of which the Quafe Ultramarine edition  is currently priced at roughly 2 billion ISK!

Make sure to have a look, it's well worth visiting!


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