UPDATED: Hilmar Veigar letter to the EVE community

Hilmar Veigar aka CCP Hellmar, the CEO of CCP has published a long and sincere letter for the EVE Online community. My first thoughts about it are very positive, but let me tell you why.

It takes a lot to admit ones mistakes, and to do it in public takes much, much more. I deeply respect that, and I don’t know many people with enough courage to do such thing.

Some will say ‘bullshit, it’s just words’. I tell you, it’s no bullshit. Hilmar Veigar is a real person, a public figure. A respected CEO of big, international gaming company. He can’t give his customers bullshit, or else he is out of business. Simple as that.

Some will say ‘it’s long overdue’. I tell you it’s not. Community needed to calm down first. The knowledge of human psychology is very important, even though we are not consciuously aware of it. If this letter was published during the ‘monoclegate’, many players would discard it immediately without even reading it. Moreover, CCP has acted before they spoke, which backs up what Hilmar says in his letter.

Some will say it’s just PR. So what I say? What difference does it make if this is PR or a personal letter from a businessman to his customers, as long as things get done? I keep my fingers crossed for Hilmar and the CCP.

Second part of the letter points to another dev-blog by Arnar Hrafn aka CCP Zulu. The amount of work to be done is quite extensive, but more less sums up the things that most players asked for:

  • Hybrid weapons balancing /signed, /signed and triple /signed
    as a true Gallente pilot I can’t say otherwise.
  • Factional warfare
  • Assault ships
  • Capital ship balancing /signed
  • New T2 modules
  • Starbase logistics management
  • New EWAR-Drones
  • T2 Rigs manufacturing

Additionally, the list contains four features already mentioned last friday:

  • Ship spinning aka pre-incarna Hangar interface
  • New font
  • More captains quarters
  • Time dilation

And yes, Hilmar also said new ships are coming – more spaceships is probably one of the best news for internet spaceships.

Dear Hilmar,

I really respect you sir, for what you did and said today. I have been watching EVE grow for the past 6 years, and when new CQs and ship spinning were announced on 30th of September I have regained my hopes for EVE. Your words today have reinforced this feeling. I felt it back in 2005 when I started playing EVE: being excited about EVE and unable to wait for what’s coming.

I wish you and your company all the best. Keep up the good work!