Infinipoints & Resonance Nodes

I had a short conversation with one of the fellow pilots from the “Operation Bad Moon” team. We have formulated a new theory that might bring us closer to solving the mystery of how the Nation is generating their Violent Wormholes.

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[19:52:19] Lukas Rox > we believe infinipoints work? lets use two on one wormhole
[19:52:33] Lukas Rox > we will make sure ;-)
[19:53:11] Aynen > yeah, more hictors will do better than one :)  The infinipoints send out vast amounts of gravitons
[19:53:29] Lukas Rox > focused beam of gravitons, precisely
[19:53:52] Aynen > and that's how that works
[19:54:01] Aynen > far superior to ecm
[19:54:07] Lukas Rox > they are supposed to work on the nav computer sensor array only. Actually burn it out with the sheer amount of power they are generating.
[19:54:34] Lukas Rox > so in theory they should be able to do the same with the mechanism sansha are using to stabilize the wormhole
[19:54:47] Lukas Rox > put it out of alignment
[19:54:53] Aynen > indeed
[19:54:56] Lukas Rox > make it drop the lock on the planet
[19:55:20] Aynen > it's worked so far
[19:55:28] Lukas Rox > we can check one more thing
[19:55:47] Lukas Rox > it is easier to attach jump drive or cyno field if it is placed in cynosural node
[19:55:58] Lukas Rox > natural nodes appear between large stellar bodies
[19:56:00] Lukas Rox > like stars
[19:56:05] Lukas Rox > thats where stargates are built
[19:56:19] Lukas Rox > maybe sansha is using natural node to place wormhole near the planet
[19:56:28] Lukas Rox > using the node between planet and its moons
[19:56:55] Aynen > please repeat that in OBM channel, you might be onto something
[19:58:35] Lukas Rox > to check my idea we would need to make measurments of the wormhole position against stellar bodies nearest to the planet
[19:58:44] Lukas Rox > moons or other planets should work
[19:59:16] Aynen > check for allignments you mean?
[19:59:25] Lukas Rox > if my idea is right, the wormholes must appear in line between two stellar bodies

Scientific Sources: – cynosural resonance nodes – idea of using HICtors against wormhole