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iPad 2 in Poland: price ranges

The post below is obsolete now that iPad 3 has been announced. Please see the new post for the most accurate prices of new iPad & old iPad 2.

iPad 2 is still one week away, but some shops have already revealed its price. Official Apple retailer (iSpot) refuses to speculate about the price (but it is possible to sign up and reserve one). Id say that's quite typical for Apple.

original iPad introductory price original iPad sale at ispot.com.pl iPad 2 at mac-store.pl iPad 2 at iShock.pl
WiFi 16GB 2099 PLN 1599 PLN 2259 PLN 2374,99 PLN
WiFi 32GB 2499 PLN 1999 PLN 2659 PLN 2779 PLN
WiFi 64GB 2899 PLN 2365 PLN 3099 PLN 3185 PLN
WiFi+3G 16GB 2499 PLN 2099 PLN 2659 PLN 2779 PLN
WiFi+3G 32GB 2899 PLN 2499 PLN 3099 PLN 3185 PLN
WiFi+3G 64GB 3299 PLN 2899 PLN 3499 PLN 3584,99 PLN

As you can see, there is some diversity in prices, but they are at rather similar levels. Original iPad price is a bargain right now - iPad 1 can easily compete with netbooks price-wise.

I have covered differences between original iPad and iPad 2 here.

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