LMeve new features – 0.1.30 beta in testing

Hello internet spaceship industry moguls! With Crius and big changes to industry just around the corner, one would surely benefit from a contribution tracking tool such as LMeve.

I realize that, and despite the fact that I’m retired from the game, I still support the tools.

New features

First, thanks to an amazing dev known as CCP FoxFour (@regnerBA) and his recent work on CREST & EVE API, LMeve will now display the list of POCOs owned by your Corporation (or Corporations) and tax rates set on each of them.

lmeve-02Another new feature is one that was well overdue – it even had a placeholder in the menu, but it was not completed before my retirement. Say hello to PVE Activity window. It shows how many missions and incursions have been run in a given month (based on the WalletJournal data; number of missions equals the amount of agent mission payouts and CONCORD payouts account for incursion sites run). A similar graph for PVP is in the works as well (will show kills vs losses).


Some bugs have been squished as well (for example all graphs will now show proper number of days for each month instead of hardcoded 31). Another bug was in poller code for POS list (StarbaseList.xml.aspx). Due to the way it was written (INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE...;), all old POSs would continue to exist in the database, despite the fact they have been unanchored or destroyed. New code (DELETE...; INSERT...;) removes all old POSs and updates them per latest API data. The same code was used for Pocos, so they should update correctly as well.

By the way, I have a patch ready for EVE: Crius industry changes (new ME and TE formulas), but I will hold it until this new expansion is released.

You can download the latest release of LMeve directly from github: https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve. See this post for instructions on how to install it on your webserver.

Known issues

CCP is not updating the 3D models on their CDN automatically, which means that 3D preview will not work for a good deal of them (or will show old models instead, for example for Tristan or Moa). I have tweeted to @CCP_raRaRa, who is the person behind CCP WebGL, so we have to wait until he runs his model export scripts again.

Does it mean Lukas Rox is back?

If only life was so easy 😉 Nope, I’m still retired from EVE. This is just some necessary maintenance work on apps I’ve written for you guys!