Mineral composition changes in Odyssey

I have run a quick analysis on the numbers posted by CCP Fozzie in his dev-blog about industry changes in Odyssey. While the changes do affect mining for profit to some degree, they make manufacturing in nullsec much easier. When I was in nullsec, the budding industrialists would only mine the most expensive ore, strictly for profit. Mining anything else – like Veld for industry purposes – was considered waste of time. “You can do it in high-sec mate, so why bother?” or so I was told at the time. With the considerable increase in production lines amount at outposts, this mineral composition change will help null industrialists to do more production locally and without the need to import minerals from high sec (which in the end isn’t that hard if you own a jump freighter).

Ok, let’s have a look at the numbers now, shall we?

Ore composition changes in Odyssey
Ore composition changes in Odyssey

Spodumain has received most of the love, which brings it from half Veldspar value to about 130% of Veldspar value. Gneiss will now be worth about 140% of Veldspar value, which is very nice, considering the fact, that low-sec grav sites often contain considerable amounts of it.

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