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My Fedo… my little Fedo!

fedo_bigIf you were lucky (or unlucky depending on the perspective) to get a Fedo instead of other Yule Lad gifts, you probably wonder what to do with it? Well, the sad part is... you can either keep it, or trade it, because it doesn't do anything else. But what if it COULD do something else?

I got two Fedos, and I came up with an idea. I left my Fedos in the same hangar overnight, hoping they would breed. When I got back the next day, except for the foul smell, I found the same two Fedos I put there earlier.

What if Fedos actually did that? Wouldn't it be fun if there was Easter Eggs in EVE like that?

Some other ideas:

  • make it a deployable. Once you deploy Fedo in space it will attach to your ships hull and will happily rove on it. Just don't keep it in space for too long or it dies!
  • make it "a furniture" in CQ - if you have a Fedo in your hangar, it automatically appears in CQ as a 3D model. It would eat the leftover dinner and quafe cans
  • let Fedos breed! If there is more than one in a hangar, there is a chance that more will spawn over time.

EVE already has easter eggs!Yes, after 8 years of playing I know EVE is about blowing up spaceships (preferably not your own), but there's nothing wrong in a bit of fun here and there. Especially if it is just a few days of development time for one programmer and one 3d artist (and one or two testers). Fedo is just one example, but I wouldn't say no to a nice 3D Villard Wheel in my CQ. I would finally have a reason to enable the CQ mode at all 😉

There's plenty easter eggs in the game already (just have a look at the monolith on the left). Not to mention Magic Crystall Ball, A Big Red Button, Scotty the Docking Manager's Clone or Band of Brothers Director Access Key.

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  1. I think Fedos are a part of the future tv show about EvE-Online. CCP add scenaristic items in the game to increase specific contents for it.

    • That might be the case, who knows. But the bottom line is this: easter eggs are fun, and CCP has put a ton in the game already. I don’t see a reason why they couldn’t add more funny things like the ones I’ve described above 😉

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