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New backgrounds in EVE

The Winter Expansion is focused on "Flying-in-Space" experience, so it is not a surprise, that the new nebulae announced together with updated turret models will make it to this expansion. I must admit that the art departament at CCP really did a great job. The new nebulae look very detailed and quite realistic, much better than the current ones.

There is one more change. Existing backgrounds are different for each constellation, but there is not much sense in how they are placed. The new backgrounds will be different for each region instead, but as you travel around the New Eden, you will see some phenomena closer and some further away, giving a feeling of distance and adding more immersion.

New backgrounds will affect one more thing as well: the reflections. This will cause ship textures to look slightly different, depending on the nebula and sun colours. Similar effect can be seen with the current backgrounds, especially when jumping from a red-background system to one with blue or green nebula. Art department promised however, that all the ships will be just as cool with the new backgrounds in place.

Knowing EVE community, one thing is certain: the new backgrounds will witness some serious boat violencing. EVE is a serious internet spaceship game after all 😉

Since one image is worth thousand words, CCP will swap this dull red cloud:

with these pretty nebulae:

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