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New Cyno effect on Singularity

I know I have missed one very important feature mentioned in this devblog here, which will be coming in the "October patch" for Incarna. I am talking about the: *drumroll here* new cynosural field effect. New stuff has been available on Singularity since last friday, but I wanted to get some screenshots pretty enough to please the public (and do the new cyno justice: it really looks much better than the current one).

Okay, enough reading, let's see *it*:

Animation is a bit slower than the one in the current effect, and textures' resolution has been bumped up a few notches. The new capital jump has been improved as well, but I couldn't get a good screenshot of it: it seems to only look good when animated.

But wait, what about the engine trails? Are they coming back?

According to a very well informed person (CCP_Fallout), the answer is YES. Unfortunately, there is no schedule, so we will just have to wait.

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