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New Inferno build on Sisi available for your testing pleasure

Since yesterday evening CCP has deployed two big patches to Singularity (EVE Test Server), that collectively include the following Inferno features:

Revamped Inventory:

  • Managing corporation items in a station
  • All item management from POS structures done in space on grid
  • All Inventory management in space (wrecks, opening other ship locations, etc)
  • All Inventory management in stations (items, ships)
  • This change does NOT affect the ASSETS window itself

This is a big change: inventory is now hierarhic. The top node is your active ship (with all bays as subfolders). The next two nodes are Items and Ships. The right part of the window is the usual icon grid that we are used to. To move items, simply drag them to the appropriate tree node on the left.

The new Inventory window will show the spinning pinwheel when loading items from the server. Good news is that it is also possible to filter the assets easily. The built in filters work great, but don't trust the "valuable" filter too much - it doesn't show faction items for example. You can of course build your own filters, so this should not be a problem.

Inventory is loading... Ships tree in new Inventory Items tree in new Inventory

Revamped Faction Warfare:

  • LP for kills
  • Bunkers are now infrastructure hubs
  • LP for all FW actions (capturing complexes, capturing infrastructures hubs, etc)
  • New FW front page
  • Consequences for capturing systems/regions (benefits for you, grief for your enemy)
  • Capturing FW system affect SOV ownership

Graphical changes:

  • New missile launchers and launch effects
  • New missiles, trails and explosions
  • New Stealth Bombers
    • Manticore
    • Nemesis
    • Purifier
    • Hound
  • Amarr V3
    • All sub capital Amarr ships, excluding T3 cruisers.
  • 14 different skintypes have been added to the Character Creator. This allows all bloodlines to have a wide range of skincolors.

Inferno version of Hound Inferno version of Nemesis Inferno version of Manticore Inferno version of Purifier v3 skin for Abaddon New missile effects on Drake New missile effects on Drake 2 v3 skin for Damnation v3 skin for Navy Slicer v3 skin for Navy Slicer - 2 v3 skin for Cruor Missile launchers on Hawk Missile Launchers on Tengu Missile Launchers on Gila Missile Launchers on Onyx Manticore with Siege Launchers and Bomb Launcher in deployed mode Manticore new model Scourge Torpedo goes boom

I really like the way the V-threed Damnation looks now. Missile effects in few words are simply kick-ass. Good job art departament!!

Also by the look at the remodelled Cloaked Bombers you can finally tell where all these t2 materials go 😉 This change and the Deimos model change back in Crucible add a lot to the immersion factor of EVE. I hope that other t2 ships are going to get some distinctive features as well.

Did I mention that new missile effects are gorgeous?

War changes

  • Updated Kill Reports (aka Kill Mails)
  • New war cost
  • Corp CEO/Director declares wars, no voting required
  • Alliance wars transfer to corps leaving
  • No automatic war retraction by aggressor
  • Wars last for week by default
  • Either side can offer surrender in a war
  • The defending side can get allies to help
  • There is a place for people to find prospective allies/clients
  • Players can now more easily track the war in the War Report
  • All corps have publicly viewable war history

New modules & drones

  • Drone Damage module (Extrinsic Damage Amplifier)
  • CPU Rigs (Small/Medium/Large Processor Overclocking Unit)
  • Fueled Shield booster (Small/Medium/Large Ancillary Shield Booster), using Cap Boosters as charges
  • Light and Medium Web drones
  • Adaptive Armor Hardener


The Adaptive Armor Hardener is a very curious mod, because it is different from shield Invulnerability Field:

  1. You can only fit one such mod
  2. It adapts to the incoming damage each cycle
  3. Overheating shortens the cycle, thus making it quicker to adapt

It's giving the armor tankers an interesting twist, both for PvE activities (less hardener swapping) and PvP activities (strong omni tank which is able to adapt to specific damage type). This hardener will quickly become a "must have" mod just like Damage Control.

How do I test these goodies myself?

A very short guide to Singularity

  • Just make a copy of your main EVE folder, name it "EVE Test" or something that lets you know it's SiSi client
  • Make a link to eve.exe on your desktop
  • Right click that link, choose Preferences
  • Add /server:singularity after eve.exe, make sure there is a space between .exe and /

This allows you to play with the new content, but also allows participation in mass tests scheduled by the CCP every few weeks.

Why participation in mass tests is good for you?

  • Because you help CCP develop better EVE.
  • Because for each test you get free 2M SP on Singularity for your testing pleasure.
  • Because it's a win-win secnario.


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