New ships, new easter eggs, new music, collectible New Eden Open cards… lot’s of new stuff.

CCP sprint is as fast as ever, meaning that the test version (currently available on Buckingham) is changing really fast now. A lot more stuff is coming this winter than the official information say.

First off, there is all the changes from the Retribution Status Post. But that’s not all. Yesterday a mass test run by CCP Habakuk took place on the test server Buckingham. I could probably complain a little bit about the “moveme” command moving to 6-C, whereas test fleet meeting point was in D2-HOS, several jumps away. While getting there, I occupied myself with the market window. What good did I found there? A lot.

  • Let’s start with new market groups. All Special Edition items and ships have dedicated market groups now:

  • Yes, you see it right. Four new Special Edition frigates have been added:

This should bring a smile to collectors, such as Entity, or market speculators, who trade in Special Edition items (wink wink, hint hint).

  • Remember Snowballs? CCP has melted them, because they have been used for griefing purposes (hey, this is New Eden, what would you expect? Capsuleers playing nice? Forget it 😉 ). Snowballs are quite likely to make a comeback this year:

  • The new targeting brackets have been iterated upon and has changed:

From this »»» To this

As usual, I have updated the Data Dump Explorer (plain SQLite is available as well) with the current Retribution build (449071). Please remember that market groups in this dump are from an earlier build and does not contain new market groups. invItems table is however up to date.

Good, fresh easter-eggs from the DB

Collectible New Eden Open cards

New Eden Open will have an in-game collectible cards. Like baseball cards, but these are about Internet Spaceships instead.

You can read about ideas for the collectible cards in this forum thread.