Odyssey now deployed on Singularity

In the late evening of May 8th CCP has deployed first true Odyssey build (531040) on the Singularity test server. My Twitter stream has quickly become flooded with screens and videos from Odyssey, so here is a quick summary of which features are already on Singularity, and can be tested by the community. Screenshots included.

  • New EVE Launcher:
  • Ship skill tree has been updated, but old Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills still remain in the tree with 0 SP
    • Before logging in old amount of SP was displayed
    • After login skills got updated – about 6 million SP has been added

  • No loading bar when undocking, nice lighting animation during undock
  • No loading bar when jumping between systems – with the all-new-and-amazing stargates and transition animation
    2013. 2013. 2013. 2013. 2013. 2013.
  • New radial menus
    new-radial-menu-scanner new-radial-menu
  • Navy BCs
    2013. 2013. 2013. 2013.
  • Rebalanced ships
  • New Apocalypse (+Navy, +Paladin) model
    2013. 2013. 2013.
  • New built in anomaly scanner
    2013. 2013.
  • New probe formations, revamped probing system
    2013. 2013.

    • By default you drag the entire formation, Shift is now used to drag individual probes.
    • New system *is* easier to use, but requires to drop old habits 😉
  • Deep space probes removed – system scanner now shows possible probing sites
  • New Data Sites and Relic Sites replace Radar and Magnetometric sites
  • New hacking minigame
  • New Ice Belt anomalies
    2013. 2013.

Details on all these changes are of course covered in the Odyssey Status Post.

Database Explorer has also been updated with the current Singularity data.