Pay twice – train twice

The recent dev-blog by CCP Quant almost made me jump! I have been playing EVE for nearly 8 years now, and had two accounts for about 6. Alternate characters are damn useful (especially for industry and cynoing around), so there is never enough of them little buggers. Unfortunately, only one char can train per account, which means that you would have to cut the training time from your main at some point to create another alt. Everyone knows that the main should have as many SP as possible (you know, for show off purposes!). This is what makes most people open a second account: so training alts doesn’t stop the main from training.

Guess what? CCP will allow you to train a second character on the same account

Of course it costs PLEX a month, but it is almost exactly as if you had a second account. You can still log only one character per account, so this change won’t help multiboxers.

This is still a very welcome change, because it allows:

  • to keep training your main character at all times
  • train more useful alts on the main account
  • no need to move characters between accounts in order to train

How to enable it?

Simply right click a PLEX and select “Activate Dual Character Training”. The change will come to Tranquility with Odyssey expansion.

What it will not do?

  • Dual Character Training does not affect the game time on account
    • If your sub runs out, the Dual Character Training pauses until your sub is renewed
  • Once Dual character Training runs out, the character with less SP will stop training
  • Dual Character Training does not allow you to login to game with two characters from the same account
  • Dual Character Training does not auto-renew and cannot be stacked
    • You can pay for another term 7 days before the current one expires