Still can’t update World of Tanks Blitz to 8.4 on Android?

Still can’t update World of Tanks Blitz to 8.4 on Android?

I have some good news for you: if you have Huawei or Samsung phone, you can install WoT Blitz 8.4 on your Android phone right away.

All you need to do is uninstall the Google Play version and use Galaxy Store on Samsung or AppGallery on Huawei. Both stores have the game updated to 8.4 and you can easily download it.

The donwside is that you will have to redownload all game content again. But that is still better than waiting for Google Play to approve Blitz 8.4, right?

WoT Blitz 8.4 news

WoT Blitz 8.4 news
New event From October 22 till November 1, explore the Titan lab and take control of the secret prototypes—medium Tier V Titan Mk and heavy Tier VII Titan H-N. To explore the lab and go through the event, you’ll need the Activator. There will be victories Activator and mastery badges one, for confident tankers. Want to discover even more mysteries? Super Activator is your choice! WARGAMING will share more the details before the event starts.
Alternative Game modes marathon This October, tankers will be having fun in Mad Games, Uprising and Burning Games. One of the game modes will run twice. Players will be able to vote for their favorite mode and WARGAMING will run it TWICE 🙂
Polish HTs
New PBR textures
  • T57
  • Emil 1951
  • M2 Light
WARGAMING keeps improving the economy of the game. Currently, the amount of battles required to accumulate credits for purchasing a certain tier tank can vary for different tech trees. In order to make the research speed more consistent and predictable, in update 8.4 the devs will equalize credit ratio for tier I-VI researchable tanks. It means some of researchable tanks will farm more or less credits than before. Therefore, overall vehicles’ profitability for each tier will become more uniform. These changes won’t affect premium tanks.

New consumables Polish heavies comprise all the characteristic traits of their type: good armor, high damage per shot, moderate speed. They are pretty straightforward and suitable for everyone. WG decided to diversify that basic gameplay for each of these Polish tanks, so let’s meet and greet the brand new consumables and provisions:
Crew mastery provisions, Tier VI–X: the unique Polish meals will be available for each HT: Żurek with +10% and Faworki with +3%.
Consumables, Tier VII–X: Tungsten Shells will improve the damage variation from regular 75%-125% range to 105-125% for 20 seconds. The cooldown time is 90 sec (without any equipment or boosters applied).
Provisions, Tier VII–X: Improved Gunpowder will increase the shell velocity up to 35% during the battle.
Provisions, Tier VII–X: Gear Oil and Improved Gear Oil will enhance the engine power (+3% and +6% respectively) and increase the max forward/backward speed (+2 km/h and +4 km/h respectively).
The collector 50TP prototyp from the clan challenge will also receive these new consumables and provisions in Update 8.4.
New Legendary camos
Three tanks will be getting new Legendary camos:
  • Corsica for the AMX 30 B
  • Piranha for the T95E6
  • Unity for the M4 Sherman
Blitz Cup event As usual, November becomes and esports month. The clash for $200k will be held all over the world just like last year. Everyone can dive into the main tournament of 2021! Collect your rewards from esports-themed operation during the month. And complete the event with Tier VIII premium vehicle to choose as a main reward—Caernarvon Action X, Centurion Mk. 5/1 or Progetto 46. Win the battles, watch Blitz Cup streams with us and you’ll be happy during this esports November.

WoT Blitz 8.3 news and new PBR tanks – coming soon!

WoT Blitz 8.3 news and new PBR tanks – coming soon!

No doubt players would love to see all their tank models updated at once, but reality is that it’s a huge undertaking and it takes a lot of time. WARGAMING chose iterative approach and currently we have three branches of tanks updated to PBR:

  • American ‘Yoh’ heavies
  • British light tanks
  • European swedish heavies

In 8.3 update another batch of tanks will be updated to new PBR models

WARGAMING has upgraded the appearance of both the tanks themselves and their legendary camos. The stars and the Soviet Guard sign look more prominent on the “Battle-hardened” camo for the IS-7, and the “Stalwart” for the E 100 now features the Balkenkreuz insignias—emblems of the Wehrmacht. Along with PBR, HD textures, and environmental effects, the IS-7 and the E 100 have received completely redesigned 3D models with improved detail and the corresponding collision (server) models. The overall armor profile of both vehicles remained the same.

One premium tank will also receive the PBR treatment – the american heavy VIII T54E2.

Withdrawing premium vehicles from the tech tree

In Update 8.3, WARGAMING will remove the majority of premium tank offers from the tech tree UI—except for the Dicker Max, IS-6, and T23E3. There has been no demand for the other vehicles according to WG stats, so they decided there’s no more need to keep them in the tech tree.

Those tanks had been added to the tech tree long ago, when the in-game store lacked diversity of offers for those who wanted to get a premium vehicle. Now, the ingame store provides great variety of bundles which are more beneficial than just buying tanks via tech tree, and some deals are even better than the ones on the tech tree.


Perpetuum Online Is Now Free-To-Play On Steam

Perpetuum Online Is Now Free-To-Play On Steam

In early 2018, a sci-fi MMORPG with mechanics very similar to EVE Online, was officially shut down. But the developers at Avatar Creations did not abandon their community: Perpetuum Online server code has become open source and a community server was spun up at . The client was made available cheaply on Steam, and sold for a mere $9.99.

On August 5th 2021 the devs finally made the game completely free to play. Just head over to Steam and you can download the client for free. Game Server can also be downloaded as an optional tool for the game. You will need MS SQL Server Express installed prior to installing the server. If you just want to play the game and are not interested in running your own server, just connect to the community one running at

For those unfamiliar with the game, Perpetuum Online offers a persistent sandbox experience where players take control of huge mechs on an alien planet Nia with a complex industrial system, player-driven economy, and player-built settlements and infrastructure. The game was heavily inspired by EVE Online, and at some point in the past, in 2012 part of the EVE community, during a backlash over Incarna update, has joined Perpetuum Online.

“Perpetuum is a persistent, sandbox, single server, massively multiplayer sci-fi rpg (MMORPG). Control huge robots and mechs to gain access to an alien planet’s resources and knowledge, amass huge wealth, or even claim part of the world for yourself using terraforming and complex infrastructure.”

Gamer played on an integrated GPU for 4 years

Gamer played on an integrated GPU for 4 years

Some Reddit user has just recently realized he’s been gaming on an integrated GPU instead of his nVidia GTX 1050 Ti.

Integrated GPUs, while not nearly as robust as dedicated cards, are getting increasingly more powerful. Alternative_Essay880 only realized he’s been using iGPU because he read about a similar issue on Reddit. So just in case he has checked behind his PC, and voila! He found out that his HDMI cable has been plugged into motherboard instead of his nVidia GPU.

How come he did not realized he’s been playing on iGPU all along? Well, most likely due to his budget setup:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
  • Integrated GPU Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics
  • GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • 16 GB of RAM

While GTX 1050 Ti is way faster than RX Vega 11, the gamer did not know what exactly to expect from his nVidia card, so he’s been blaming poor performance on his budget GPU. He even added more RAM and replaced his HDD with a SSD.

The unlucky gamer played many games like Call of Duty: Warzone, GTA V, DOTA 2 or Civilization 6. And to be really honest, the performance was not so bad for an iGPU. On low and medium settings he often got up to 100 FPS. After connecting his Display connector to the proper card, his PC has gained a second life. Free upgrade? 😉

World of Tanks Blitz Upgrade 8.1 preview

World of Tanks Blitz Upgrade 8.1 preview

Many seasoned veterans of World of Tanks Blitz well know a tool created by lltwox, which displays more information than WARGAMING’s own API: the Blitz Hangar.

The tool is based on the game’s own internal XML files, rather than the open API that WG offers to 3rd party developers. This gives it one advantage: it can show the differences between the current version of the game client and the upcoming one (from Opentest). You should also know that game files are now compressed with a WG proprietary algorithm (based on LZMA), and it isn’t so easy to access them without some additional hacking.

Based on the 8.1 preview changelog on Blitz Hangar, the new update 8.1 of World of Tanks Blitz will bring a huge wave of balance changes.


WoT Blitz: Coming Soon! New Polish Tanks and a New Map

WoT Blitz: Coming Soon! New Polish Tanks and a New Map

Yesterday WARGAMING has posted a new video with ‘leaks’ which shows what to expect from World of Tanks Blitz in the coming months.

Let’s have a look at the folders presented in the video:

  • 1_T110E3_Stream
  • 2_New_Event
  • 3_New_Models_Quality
  • 4_Battle_Pass
  • 5_New_Map
  • 6_Lorraine_Fearless_4rating
  • 7_New_Tree_60TP

T110E3 “Worthy” Legendary Camo

First thing we can see on the video is T110E3 with a Legendary Camo. The new paintjob is typically american, with a very light olive hue and a white star, along with the “Worthy” name painted on the side of the upper hull.

UPDATE: Wargaming said on Twitter this camo will be coming to the game in patch 8.1

New event Enigma

The next is a new event with the top prize being a german VK168.01 Premium Heavy tank. The theme of the event strongly suggests to be related to Enigma – german mechanical encryption machine used during WWII.

New Models Quality

WG has recently introduced new PBR textures in World of Tanks Blitz 8.0. Initially only the new American Heavy line and the Kunze Panzer had the new textures. In this “Coming soon” video WG promises more tanks with the new textures coming to the game. However, some of the tanks presented are totally new premium tanks rather than any of the existing ones.

New Battle Pass

Battle Passes are here to stay (in so many games now), because they offer a multitude of rewards for a really modest price. So here’s a glimpse of the upcoming one. Looks like we will be getting a VK 30.01 (D) based submarine tank.

However this time completing the Battle Pass will grant a special container, which may contain a very unusual american heavy – the Tier IX AE Phase 1, which sports four tracks instead of two.

New Industry Map

This summer will also bring a new map to Blitz, one set in an industrial area. There is little details regarding the new map, but Blitz veterans will quickly notice it bears some resemblence to Falls Creek, Faust and Yukon.

Lorraine Fearless for Rating

One of the rewards for Rating Battles in summer will be Lorraine Fearless, which is very much similar to Lorraine 40t (so at this point it’s hard to tell if this is a whole new tank or just Legendary camo for existing one). What we know for sure however is that it’s really beautiful, and of course has the new PBR textures:

Last but not least – polish Heavy Tank line

Update 8.0 has brought new “Yoh” american Heavy line. We can expect another heavy line in the nearest future – the polish line. These tanks are based on blueprints developed in cold war Poland. WG has presented the Tier X 60TP Lewandowskiego, which will be waiting at the top of the tree.

World of Tanks Blitz 7th Anniversary

World of Tanks Blitz 7th Anniversary

On 25th of June, 2014 WARGAMING has released its blockbuster tank battler on iOS and Android: World of Tanks: Blitz.

World of Tanks: Blitz started small, with only 3 playable nations, only one game mode (Random) and only two supported platforms. But over the years a lot of content was added, and the most recent version 8.0 of Blitz has introduced a new line of American heavy tanks, Physical Based Rendering for tanks (with mud, water and snow which can cover the tank), realistically animated tank suspensions and many UI improvmenets. Plus there is currently 454 playable tanks across 9 nations, which you can play on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch (and you can use controllers!).

WARGAMING says thank you to it’s playerbase every year by giving away lots of goodies in the game.

And as usual, the longer you’ve played, the more gifts you will get:

One year or less

  • 3 Days of premium account
  • 100 Gold
  • 10,000 Free Exp
  • One year anniversary avatar

1 – 2 years

  • 5 Days of premium account
  • 200 Gold
  • 20,000 Free Exp
  • Two year anniversary avatar

2 – 3 years

  • 7 Days of premium account
  • 300 Gold
  • 30,000 Free Exp
  • Three year anniversary avatar

3 – 4 years

  • 10 Days of premium account
  • 400 Gold
  • 40,000 Free Exp
  • Four year anniversary avatar
  • Rising Fury Rare camo for all of your vehicles

4 – 5 years

  • 14 Days of premium account
  • 500 Gold
  • 50,000 Free Exp
  • Five year anniversary avatar
  • Stellar Shine Rare camo for all of your vehicles

5 – 6 years

  • 30 Days of premium account
  • 600 Gold
  • 60,000 Free Exp
  • Six year anniversary avatar
  • Venomous Shock Rare camo for all of your vehicles

6 – 7 years

  • 30 Days of premium account
  • 700 Gold
  • 70,000 Free Exp
  • Three year anniversary avatar
  • Stained Glass Epic anicamo for 10 tank

If your account was registered before June 25, 2016 will receive A Lucky V Container with guaranteed premium or collector tank drop. If it drops a tank you already have, it will drop A Lucky VI Container.

If your account was registered before June 25, 2015, you’ll receive A Lucky VII Container with guaranteed premium or collector tank drop. If it drops a tank you already have, it will drop 2500 gold.

Exploration finally comes to EVE Echoes

Exploration finally comes to EVE Echoes

In EVE Online, the original PC version of the game scanning uses Scanning Probes: special modules and ammo, which, when deployed into space can pinpoint the location of interesting deadspace pockets, player structures and ships. The process takes a few iterations, where the first scan shows the rough location, and further scans increase the accuracy to a point where you can warp to it. This mechanic opened up a whole new profession of Exploration.

When EVE Echoes was finally deployed on August 13th, 2020, it came out without scanning. The in-game explanation was that some kind of supernova event caused the whole universe to mirror itself, and EVE Echoes happens in this “echo” universe, where certain quantum phenomena caused probe scanners to stop working. Empire Factions and Sisters of EVE have been researching it, and finally, almost ten months later a discovery was made: special neutrinos caused by the supernova explosion can be used to scan things in space.

Two new types of modules starting at Tier 7 were added to the game:

  • Wide Resonance Scanner
  • Narrow Resonance Scanner

These two modules are counterparts of Core Probe Launcher, which launches Core Scanner Probe and Expanded Probe Launcher which can launch Combat Scanner Probes, respectively. Instead of probes, these new modules require fuel, which is mined on planets using Planetery Interaction. When activated, the module will sweep the system and if any signatures are found, a special minigame will appear, where the player is presented with the detected signals and interfering stellar body signals in that system. The players task is to filter out all interference from the detected signal, and if the player manged to do that, the signature becomes warpable.


Resonance Scanner used for PVE can datect many different signals, including Deadspace anomalies and Nihilus Space gateways. You will need to have the Wide Resonance Scanner fitted, and by activating it in space, you will receive list of signals from the current starsystem. Once the scan is complete, player can tap the information check the scan report and begin the analysis minigame.


The Resonance Scanner can be used for PVP, just like Combat Probes were used in EVE Online. You have to fit the Narrow Resonance Scanner and activate it in space to receive different signals that show the ships in the current solarsystem. Then you can tap the information and begin the analysis minigame.


Resonance Scanners need 200GJ worth of fuel to be present in the ships cargohold for each scan. Different fuels can be used, but each fuel type has different amount of energy in it, so different amount of fuel will be used each time you scan.

Fuel can be mined on planets like any other planetary material, and has to be one of the following:

  • Heavy Water (2GJ, 100 needed)
  • Suspended Plasma (5GJ, 20 needed)
  • Liquid Ozone (13GJ, 16 needed)
  • Ionic Solutions (37GJ, 6 needed)
  • Oxygen Isotopes (83GJ, 3 needed)
  • Plasmoids (196GJ, 2 needed)

LMeve GUI update – Decryptors!

LMeve GUI update – Decryptors!

I have recently made two commits to LMeve repository, that add some new functionality and fixed some bugs:

Added Decryptors to Tech II and III invention
– Decryptor configuration is stored per typeID, so you can choose best decryptor for each item.
Beautiful LMeve links – added “media” directives for Open Graph and Twitter
Added Killboard button on login page, if killboard is opened in public mode
– Added print.css for printing pages from LMeve
– View is now rendered to HTML as the last thing, so LMeve pages can now modify title and other header attributes, including media tags.
fixed JSON output of LMeve Northbound API – numbers are now presented as numbers, not strings (without ” quotes)

Speaking of Decryptors. Invention previously assumed no decryptors used (and ME=2 and TE=2 were hardcoded). Now for each item you can choose if and which Decryptor to use.
It will be used everywhere in LMeve – in Profit Chart, in Database and in Logistic Kits. While you choose Decryptors in Database, ME, PE and material lists are updated on the fly, cost calculation requires clicking “Save”. This will be fixed in a future release.


Update is already available on LMeve project page.