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UPDATE: Quafe Megathron skin giveaway & more!

megathron_72dpiYesterday during fourth episode of the "o7" show, CCP was giving away 30 codes for Megathron Quafe Edition skin (the same one that I've drawn using Rixx Javix hints).

I have just realized I won one of those codes! 😉

But I think one of you, my dear space friends, will put it to better use than I would, so I'm giving it away!


To enter the raffle, simply comment under this post until 23:59, January 22th. Winner will be chosen randomly next Friday, Jan 23. Make sure to include your in-game name, so I can contact you regarding the prize.

Giveaway prize list so far

1. 1 run Megathron Quafe Edition Blueprint Copy 4x Quafe Zero 1x Megathron Quafe Edition Blueprint Copy (1 run)
4x Quafe Zero
2. Confessor 1x Confessor
3. Confessor 1x Confessor

[ ticket list ] [ dice ]

P.S. Tech I Megathron is not included - you will need one to apply the skin to.

P.S.2. A little change of plans. I won't be available this weekend, so I'm shortening the giveaway so the winner will be announced on Friday.

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  1. The Navy Cap Boost 800

    2 Parts Quafe Zero
    1 Part Absolute Vodka
    1 Part Gold Strike Liqueur
    1 Part Champagne


  2. Seraphina Oriana – I love to win!

  3. I dare to dream!

    Strangelove Utama in game 🙂

  4. Wow! Generous prices! Gimme, gimme, gimme! 🙂

  5. Hmm Commented but not showing, anyhow. I just got fixed today! Lets see if I get good karma!

  6. Just seen my contract. Winning! Score! W00T! \o/ Thank you so much.

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