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Rubicon 1.1 Static Data Dump conversion

DevFleetHi #DevFleet! CCP has again published the static data dump before deploying expansion to Tranqulity. I would like to thank @Darkblad_eve here, who sent me and @FuzzySteve a heads up tweet on Twitter last night about new SDE being available. It seems CCP has a new procedure: SDE is deployed on friday immediately preceding the usual tuesday expansion deployment on Tranquility (only database is available for now, icons have not been published yet). Anyway, today I had a few spare mintues to run the conversion. Please find the results here:

You might want to get the new "Ship traits" -> Head to Fuzzy Steve's page (look for invTraits).

The original MSSQL data dump is available on the official Toolkit page.

LMeve Database updated

The item database has been updated to use the new Static Data dump as well. For example: Nestor stats are up to date now, and Deployable Structures have been move to Structures group, along with other POS and Outpost modules. When you head there, you will find all the new deployables (they will be missing icons until CCP publishes them, though).

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  1. Is there any way to see masteries?

    • First, import this file “EVE Rubicon 1.1 MySQL certificates (from YAML)” on top of SDE.


      yamlcrtrecommendations contains certificateID and typeID. The first is “certificate” or “mastery” id, the second is typeID of the ship in question.

      join it with:
      yamlcrtmasteries (skillTypeID, certificateID, crtMasteryLevel, skillLevelReq)

      then filter by:
      crtMasteryLevel, you will get skillTypeID’s and required skillLevelReq

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