Sansha incursions continue, Ardallabier IV attacked

Last night, 13.06.2010 on 20:24 after a longer break, another Nation attack occured. Two violent wormholes have been opened in orbit of planet  Ardallabier IV. Initial capsuleer response was very small compared to overwhelming Sansha forces. A Dramiel pilot has agressed one of the battleship spawns and speedtanked them, while other pilots made their way through countless Nation ships. Soon more capsuleers arrived on the scene, including “Operation Bad Moon” team, which tried to analyze the wormholes and disrupt them. Nation forces were unfortunately successful during their harvest and 110.000 was reported taken by Sansha dropships. There were three battleship-class waves and one interceptor-class squad. First wave of battleships has managed to escape through the wormhole, but remaining Sansha forces were quickly dispatched by the growing capsuleer forces.

Local transcript: Local_20100613_202024

Intel updates on galnet forums over here.

The first attack happened almost exactly a month ago (11 of May). One can wonder: is this a coincidence?