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Serpentis Phi Outpost

So I have run this casual scan in my high sec "home" system (which is convenient, because its only 2 jumps from my usual low secs and has factories, so I can build stuff). Two unknowns... and one of them 4/10. "Nice" I thought to myself, with the image of Corelum C-Type gear before my eyes. I've docked and swapped ships into a PVP fitted Cynabal, which has enough speed and shield buffer to easily tank such a site. I have quickly cleared the first room, zooming around the surprised rats and popping them into the coldness of space.  Just a minute or two later I was aligning the gate to the second deadspace. Instead of killing the boss and grabbig the valuable loot I felt like killing the rats first - for bounties and security status.

I was almost done with the first group, when a Proteus warped in. It's a high sec system, so I was not immediately in any danger, because he wouldn't be able to gank me before CONCORD arrives. So I watch him, just in case I need to take any action. I immediately noticed, that he does not have  Friction Extension Processor, so if I stay outside 12 km (faction scram), I should be safe. He immediately went for the Phi-Operation Protector, deploying a group of t2 hammers and firing his guns. I pushed my MWD and bumped him, locking both the Proteus and the boss rat. Out of a sudden, the NPC Megathron popped, and I burned for the wreck, with the MWD still on. I've quickly looted the wreck and waited if the Proteus agresses me. He did not, so I warped off with two precious Corelum mods (and one shadow hardener) in my cargo.

It was my shit, I was there first, I killed all the rats in the first room, and I had full right to that loot, and I would prove it with my 425mm Autocannons  if the Proteus pilot objected. Too bad he didn't react, a Proteus kill would actually be nice.

Next time I will go straight for the boss, as I should in the first place, taking Stolen Passkey from the can in the first room.

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