Aura updated to Inferno 1.2

Yesterday Jason Parks better known as Marcel Devereux has updated Aura to use Inferno 1.2 data dump. Additionally, some users have identified a crash on pre-Honeycomb devices, which was quickly patched by Marcel.

The current stable version is 1.3.9 (build 73)

App can be downloaded directly from Google Play, and if you haven’t heard about Aura yet, this review is a great source of information about mobile companion apps for EVE, including Aura.

If you need support, or have an idea for a cool feature, please head to our forums:


The day Aideron Technologies was born

With the recent changes to Faction Warfare in EVE, rewards for participation in FW have been increased considerably. Because of that, Aideron Robotics directorship is planning to enlist with Gallente Federation in an effort to mount additional pressure against the Caldari militia and reap the rewards. This has a side effect on the Industry Program, which has been effectively pushed out to a new sister corp, Aideron Technologies.

Aideron Robotics will still have a small industry wing for people who would like to contribute to both FW and production, but the majority of industrial tasks (and planning) will be done by Aideron Technologies.

For those interested in joining Aideron, the good news is, we are still recruiting, and there will be one recruitment process to both corps. During the interview new characters will be assessed and players will receive a proposal to join one of the corporations (or both, if player owns more characters). To apply to Aideron, please visit our forum: If you are considering Aideron as your new home, this Seismic Stan’s column about Aideron Robotics on Guild Launch will be a great source of information about our day-to-day operations.


Aideron Robotics and Aideron Technologies do share common roots, but are completely separate corporations. If you would like to apply to Aideron Technologies, please contact Razeu or TheAhmosis in game.

All hands, battle stations!

In about 3 hours Aideron Robotics will be at war. We have received a war dec from a small, 2 man corp. It doesn’t mean this foe can be underestimated. To the contrary.

Small corp targeting multiple industrial corporations will have plenty of targets to choose from, making it easy to score kills of opportunity. The War History of Praetorian Cannibals shows a lot of industrial and exhumer kills (not to mention unfitted battlecruisers). Second reason, why 2 man corp can pose a serious threat is neutral reps/boosters. The fact that a single pilot shoots guns doesn’t mean he is all alone: he can have a neutral Tech III boosting alt, or a bunch of neutral Logistic(s). Or both.

Thanks to War History, War Reports and new Killmails introduced in Inferno, players are easily able to view all past wars waged by an entity, along with the kills associated to them. Since killmails have been already stored in each pilot’s combat record, CCP had all the data they needed to fill the War History. Even back to the times long before Inferno! This is invaluable source of tactical knowledge, so THANK YOU FOR THESE AWESOME FEATURES, CCP!

Now let’s have my locator agent find that sleazebag who wardecced us 😉

Mobile apps for EVE Online on iOS and Android


» For Windows Phone 8 apps, please go to this post «

This post is a synergy of my interests. If you are a returning visitor, you have most likely noticed that I write not only about EVE Online, but also about all things mobile: tablet PCs, mobile operating systems and so on.

Smartphones have changed the mobile phone market forever: almost half of all the mobile phones nowadays are smartphones. With CCP giving the community an API to access the in-game information, it was just a matter of time until first EVE related third-party apps have arrived.

Most of the Apps available for the two biggest smartphone platforms, namely Android and iOS, can be divided into three large groups:

  • character tracker
  • market tracker
  • industry helper

Majority of these third-party apps are free, but some of them use ads and donations to cover developer’s costs.

Unfortunately I neither own a Windows Phone 7 device, nor have a working emulator of it, so this review will not cover WP7 apps. Sorry!

It is also worth mentioning, that CCP has plans to deliver their own mobile applications for DUST 514 and EVE in the near future. Developers did not reveal any specifics besides Neocom app for DUST 514, which will run on PS Vita and will deliver almost full interaction with the game, except for the core FPS gameplay. Neocom for PS Vita is said to allow managing fittings, accessing market and so on.

Read more about CCP plans for mobile devices:

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New Corp – Changes!

So I’ve been running this one-man corp of mine for about a year and it was… going nowhere. I did have enough time to log on briefly and do the PI. I could build some stuff (I have been inventing and manufacturing 425mm Railgun II‘s for some time), but most of the time I did not feel like flying to hubs for materials. Any kind of low or null sec ventures would require me to team up with others (and either wait for them, or make them wait for me). Of course I did earn some occasional kills when someone more or less explicitly crossed my path and did something stupid.

But it’s all history now, because after this tweet:

I have applied, been screened, and in the end allowed to join Aideron Robotics, the corp which brings you Aura, an excellent EVE API client for Android. I will be joining an army of industrialists, who fuel the war machine and build ships for those who make things boom. The more ships you guys destroy, the more ISK I make, so keep ’em coming! My inner businessman is looking forward to Hulkageddon V and changes introduced in Escalation to Inferno: both will drive mineral prices crazy (they have become quite high already – market warriors already make profit from the coming changes).