Community spotlight:

One of the features introduced in Incursion was the new Character Creator. This has allowed new and veteran players alike to create much better character portraits – mainly because the old Character Creator was left untouched since 2003.

I am quite sure you have already seen characters, whose portraits look almost as good as a high quality photograph. And some other people have noticed them, too. A veteran EVE Online player called Reality X has created a website dedicated to character portraits:

For those of you, who are not too excited about character portraits I have one more word: “Contest“. A contest with some high-caliber prizes. Reality X is running a recurring event for people who would like to test their CG talents  against the new Character Creator. For a small fee of 20 million ISK you can submit your avatar to the contest and get a chance to win an expensive  faction ship. The current sixth iteration of the contest offers the faction variants of Iteron Mark IV, of which the Quafe Ultramarine edition  is currently priced at roughly 2 billion ISK!

Make sure to have a look, it’s well worth visiting!


Update on Captain’s Quarters

Update on Captain’s Quarters

EVE Online: Incarna is closer than one might expect. CCP released a statement, that Incarna will be deployed in June 2011, so there is about a month until the final build is going to be deployed on a server near you. It seems that the developers took the croudsourcing ideas very seriously, because most of the features mentioned in the forums after the first public Incarna test made it to the current build.

Proposed GUI for Incarna (C) CCP, hf. 2011
Proposed GUI for Incarna (C) CCP, hf. 2011
  • Movement: left+right button makes your character walk
  • Ship fitting: there is now a holo of your ship in the CQ and on the balcony console
  • Gfx: lighting has been adjusted, most of the textures is already there
  • Protein Delicacies + Quafe!! Dear CCP: Please make it possible to eat and drink those 😀 Quafe would have some meaning other than just trading commodity
  • The big three monitors got some overhaul, they don’t look so useless now and display some useful information
  • Animations are much smoother and the collision models have been updated – character doesn’t get stuck anymore
  • Whole performance (FPS) is much better than the previous build. Loading times are still longer than the current station environment.
  • Micropayment interface has been added – it will be possible to convert PLEX to a special currency

The GUIs are still incomplete. Developers have posted a screenshot with the proposed solution in a recent dev blog – you can see it on the right (current Duality build requires you to right click an object and select options from menu).

As usual, I have posted a couple of screenshots from the current work-in-progress version: