LMeve dev-blog: Bugfixes and POS tracking improvements

Hi space friends!

More and more of you have already tried LMeve, which I am incredibly grateful for. This means more people are testing the app and I get more feedback, which is awesome. I also get a lot of questions which I try to answer the best I can and in a timely fashion.

Remember: by trying and using LMeve you help developing it!

Few players also caught some bugs, that I’m happy to announce, have been properly squashed in the 0.1.52 release.

  • Bug fix in db.php “Notice: LM_dbhost is not defined” – added $LM_dbhost to global declaration in db.php
  • Bug fix in Database – “function eregi() is deprecated” – replaced with preg_match()
  • Bug fix in YAML updater – changed ‘DROP TABLE’ to ‘DROP TABLE IF EXISTS’ to prevent errors if the table was not created yet.

One bug was found by my trusty Aideron Technologies beta testers:

  • Non-recurring Tasks (singleton) bug fix – one-time tasks did not display correctly due to a mistake in SQL query

What’s new besides Bugfixes?

  • Poller now fetches StarbaseDetails.xml and CREST industry cost indexes

The first API feed is used by POS tracking code to display accurate and up-to-date fuel levels in LMeve Inventory. The second CREST feed provides NPC cost index to the build cost estimation formula (I currently use an average system index, so you might pay more or less than what LMeve uses for price estimates).

In the next release I will add a “Industry home system” field in Settings, where you will choose your home system. LMeve will then use this system’s cost index in all it’s calculations.

  • New POS management screen – displays fuel amounts and how long it will last
  • There is now a notification when any tower has less than 48 hours of fuel left


  • Tech III invention added. You can now add Tech III invention tasks and get price estimates for Tech III
  • New global setting for the default Relic type for use with Tech III Invention (Intact, Malfunctioning or Wrecked)

Download LMeve here


If you are updating from a previous release, please remember to create new tables included in this release using /data/schema-delta-0.1.51-0.1.52.sql


Well, LMeve is free software, so you don’t have to buy it 🙂 (donations are of course welcome!). But let’s get back to business. Installation requires some technical knowledge, so to make it easier for you guys to try it out, I have prepared a pre-installed Virtual Machine with LMeve, which runs on free VMware Player. You can download the image here: https://pozniak.pl/lmeve-vm/ 

  • it contains LMeve 0.1.52
  • static data is updated to Scylla
  • after booting it shows the IP address to point your web browser to:


Yearly aggregated stats CREST endpoint coming soon

Right now in Reykjavik CCP Quant and CCP FoxFour are in the middle of a presentation, and they are showing a new CREST endpoint, which returns aggregate statistic data for your characters. For example, you will now be able to see how much damage your toon dealt last year, and how that compares to a year before! Of course this applies to a range of possible metrics, including, but not limited to:

  • number of ships built
  • number of BPOs researched
  • number of pod kills in wormhole space
  • number of characters typed in chat
  • number of stargate jumps in high security space
  • damage your character dealt with projectile weapons
  • number of times your toon was tackled
  • many, many more

Ready to see how you did in 2014?

Just open this page and follow instructions: https://pozniak.pl/yearly-stats (by the way this app is mobile device friendly).

slack_for_ios_upload_1024 Screenshot_2015-03-18-14-20-25IMG_1818 IMG_1820

Feel free to check Bellatroix and Aaeriele projects as well. They have pretty graphs!

Technical details

A few weeks before Fanfest 2015, CCP FoxFour asked on forums if there are any third party devs who would be willing to work on a “secret project”. Few familiar faces turned up, and after some time three web apps have been built:


Unfortunately due to RL I was only able to work on my prototype app for several hours, but it has the core functionality of showing the most interesting statistics in a readable way 😉

Now speaking about the technical details, this new endpoint will be available as authenticated CREST, which means you have to use SSO mechanism first to obtain a Bearer Token (see this news item about authenticated CREST for reference). Only then it is possible to access these new endpoint on the CREST API server. Data itself is returned as a JSON object, so using it in JavaScript and PHP is trivial.

The URL where the data is stored looks like this:


where CREST_API_SERVER is either api-sisi.testeveonline.com or api.eveonline.com,

characterID – is the ID of the character (obtained from SSO process)

year – is either 2013, 2014 or 2015 (only these three years are available)

If everything goes fine, you will get a JSON file like this one:

{"combatDeathsPodTotal": 0,
 "combatDamageFromPlayersFighterMissileNumShots": 0,
"combatWebifyingPC": 0,
"socialAddedAsContactNeutral": 0

Once you have the data it’s up to you how you want to display them.

EVE Online app you can send mails from

UPDATE: This post is very old and no longer accurate

CREST API released by CCP Games in 2016 allows sending and receiving evemails in third party apps.

At some point in the past I took some time to test all EVE Online apps available for iOS and Android. Since the publication of that post, many players have asked me about an app that allows SENDING evemails, and not just reading them. I have bad news for you: due to the limitations of the current EVE API, such app does not exist. But I also have some good news for you. It does not exist yet.

With Retribution, CCP is planning to release a new API (called CREST), which will certainly allow you to manage Contats and is very likely to allow sending EVE mails, too.

For the third party developers, the most valuable resource is the current documentation preview, which has already been made available.

Technical details

First big change is Authentication and Authorization mechanism, which the current API is missing (currently you need to authenticate every time by including apikey and vcode in every HTTP request you make). The new CREST API will let your app to log on once, using login.eveonline.com. This login server will grant an OAuth2 token, which will be used instead of api keys or other credentials. Moreover, CCP is adding some POST request besides the already existing GET requests. Data presentation layer will also be changed to utilize JSON, which I think is easier to use on web apps (for example in PHP or JavaScript), and should not give much trouble for other technologies (like iOS and Android). It is still up to CCP to decide which parts of the new API will offer “write” access, like sending EVE Mails or managing contacts.

One more thing

CREST is an acronym of Carbon REST. The Carbon technology is the new CCP framework that has been in use since Incarna, and REST means it’s a RESTful protocol (wiki). It will be released in Retribution expansion, so one might say it is a “Crest of Retribution“. Now this is what I found when googling it: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/13375. Coincidence? 😀

EVE Online: Retribution Status Post

Expansion name: Retribution
Expansion number: 18
Release date: December the 4th, 2012
Expansion theme: Ships and weapons rebalancing, Crimewatch (new PvP agression rules), new HUD, Factional Warfare and DUST 514 integration, Bounty Hunting
Last update of this post: 30.11.2012
SQLite Database dump: Buckingham build 454549
Patch notes: available here for build 453216

Retribution login screen

I know this post is a huge wall of text, but I’m trying to make it as complete and as accurate as humanly possible; instead of having to look for information about the new expansion in dozen different places, all you have to do is read through this post.

Table of contents (or TL;DR part)

  • Blueprints for new items
  • Capital ships’ Corp Hangar changes
  • Crime Watch 2.0
  • Bounty Hunting system 2.0
  • Graphical changes & ship facelifts (new Special Edition ships, Snowballs)
  • UI changes
  • Ships rebalancing
  • Frigate rebalancing
  • Destroyers (Dragoon, Corax, Algos, Talwar)
  • Cruiser rebalancing
  • Hurricane balancing
  • Turret sound changes
  • Missile changes
  • Module changes
  • Officer drone upgrades
  • E-War rebalancing
  • ORE Mining frigate (Venture)
  • NPCs AI overhaul
  • Officer Rogue Drone spawns
  • Faction Warfare – Warzone Control changes
  • Faction Warfare – NPC changes

Read more