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LMeve now compatible with Crius!

Last week was full of busy evenings and afternoons, but the result was worth the effort!

First off, LMeve is now compatible with Crius API endpoints:

  • /corp/IndustryJobs.xml.aspx endpoint has been changed to the new specs
  • /corp/IndustryJobs.xml.aspx endpoint has been added
  • YAML data from blueprints.yaml is now decoded and insterted into database

Secondly, new formulas are used to calculate the amount of materials required by industry jobs.

Lastly, YAML data is now used to populate "Traits" and "Bonuses" in Database. Oh, and I have almost forgotten, meta variants are now displayed as well:


As usual, code is available to download at GitHub.

Bug fixes

A friend of mine, Ubentobox, was trying to install LMeve on his host, and encountered a series of problems, caused by oversimplifications in my code. To prevent others from facing the same problems, I have fixed all the issues that he faced during deployment:

  • short PHP open tags '<?' are replaced with long ones '<?php'
  • passwd.php is more intelligent now and is able to set or re-set admin password, without the need to manually edit the database
  • update_yaml.php is more intelligent now and can either insert all YAML data into database, or just the specified files
  • default cookiepath is now set to root '/', so it's easier to set-up LMeve in single site mode (cookiepath MUST be changed if multiple instances of LMeve are to be installed)
  • there is no longer need to rename camelCase table names in Static Data Dump to lowercase. LMeve now uses table names exactly as they apper in Fuzzysteve's MySQL conversion.

The Future

Some new features I have planned will inculde:

  • Facilities XML endpoint, which will replace manually-edited Assembly Array feature
  • CREST Teams API
  • CREST public facilities API
  • Single Sign-On to connect characters to LMeve account (right now admins have to connect users to characters manually)



Crius API changes

industryAs per this dev blog by CCP FoxFour (@regnerBA), industry changes in Crius will also change the way Industry API works.

There will be no new endpoints, but old endpoints will be changed instead. This means old tools will no longer work unless their developers adapt them. But fear not, #devfleet has you covered!

Lockefox (@HLIBindustry) has published tools and sample API data to help other third party devs adapt their apps.

You can find his github repository here: https://github.com/lockefox/CriusDev

  • scripts which handle the new BPO data (to use on this file: <sisi client path>\bin\staticdata\blueprint.db from your Sisi client)
  • sample API outputs from the modified endpoints
    • corp/facilities.xml
    • char/industryJobs.xml
    • char/industryJobsHistory.xml

Great job Lockefox! It's much appreciated!

PS. I will do my best to add these changes to LMeve before Crius deployment, but due to summer holiday season this might take a few days longer. Stay tuned!