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Evernus – third party market tracking app

I have recently stumbled upon a third party program, which in my opinion, deserves a spotlight.

Evernus is a market tracking app made for Windows, but it is open source and written in Qt, which means with a little effort it can be compiled for Linux and Mac as well (there's actually a .dmg ready for download). This is something worth noting, because there is almost no EVE apps for Mac or Linux at the moment.

What does it do?

Evernus is basically a market/margin trading tracker application, so it is focused on prices comparison and buy/sell order tracking. It takes character skills into account when calculating profits and taxes, so it is pretty accurate. Of course to track orders and automatically update your character's skills, you need to supply the app with your API key.

If your character doesn't have all trade skills at level 5 yet, but you would like to experiment and see if training them to 5 is worth it, you can manually tune all relevant skill levels as well.

evernus-character-full1Of course Evernus shows pretty graphs, so at a glance you know if you're making profit or not.

Don't like graphs? Want exact values? You're covered, simply view it as a table.

evernus-assets-full2 evernus-orders-full2Evernus can use price data from several sources. First, it's your EVE client's market exports. Secondly, it can scrape client cache (but please mind CCP considers it a breach of EULA, and Evernus shows a proper warning, if you try to enable this feature), or from internet. Lastly, you can also import your data from other apps such as EVE Mentat.

What's also a very useful feature is in-game browser integration. Evernus can run a tiny web server on your PC, and you can access it directly from the inside of the EVE client, simply by opening in-game browser and pointing it to your own computer's address, plus a port number which you set in options.


One more thing

Evernus is being actively developed by Pete Butcher, a member of polish EVE Online community. New features come out literally DAILY. Moreover, Pete contacted me, and LMeve integration is coming soon as well (Evernus will be able to access LMeve's features like Industry Task tracking and item manufacturing costs).

All in all, if you're a station trader, Evernus is a tool really worth looking into.