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Do you really need a 3G tablet?

Guide about tethering in tablet PCs on Tabletowo.pl

The year 2011 is undoubtedly the year of tablets. So if you plan to buy one, check this guide out. You might save some $$$ by buying a WiFi tablet and using a mobile phone for internet access. You can read tethering guide in polish on tabletowo.pl. English translation is coming really soon!

EDIT: English translation is available here.


Is Android not enough for you?

If so, and you have a HTC Desire HD, you are lucky. XDA-Developers member called bergfex has published a native Ubuntu build for Desire HD. The following features have already been implemented:

  • touchscreen (works like a touch pad in a notebook)
  • two finger scrolling
  • WIFI
  • dragging windows
  • ADB
  • incoming calls
  • SMS text messages

Some features are not yet fully supported: sound, hardware keys, USB host, and Firefox web browser. Original thread with instructions on how to boot Ubuntu on Desire HD is linked here.


Android 2.2 and 2.3 on legacy phones: HTC Tattoo

ROM nFinityGB v1.03 - 2.3.4 on HTC Tattoo

ROM nFinityGB v1.03 - 2.3.4 on HTC Tattoo

Most modern handsets offer Android 2.3 nowadays, but what about older phones? Most legacy devices are stuck to Android 1.6 or even 1.5, because their manufacturers abandoned them, concentrating on new models. HTC has promised its customers, that HTC Tattoo (also known as HTC Click) was going to get update from 1.6 to 2.1 at some point. Unfortunately, Eclair was newer released for this terminal. The last stock ROM for this device is 1.67.405.70, which is based on Android 1.6 and HTC Sense for QVGA.

Fear not, you still have a chance to install more recent Android version on your phone. Some third party developers (namely a guy known as cn.fyodor) took matters into their own hands, and released a custom ROM, which runs Froyo on HTC Tattoo. Most known issues have now been removed and the last stable version is available for download from this link (xda-developers).

Another nice build for HTC Tattoo is the newest nFinityGB 1.03 running on Android Gingerbread 2.3.4. This build is available on xda-developers.com.

To make sure GPS is working, leave it on in the old ROM, otherwise it might not work after flashing 2.3.

WARNING: To install custom ROMs you need to root your Tattoo first and then install ClockworkMod.