Stargate network in Jove space is destroyed

Almost everyone knows the “Caroline’s star”* by now. It’s this bright new star, with a vertical streak, that is visible from every corner of New Eden.


 * the screenshot of the new star was first published on Twitter by Caroline Grace. Both CCP and players quickly adopted “Caroline’s star” as the name for this phenomenon.

But there is more to it than just a few pixels on the sky. It seems that the recent supernova in Jovian space has destroyed almost all stargates in the following regions: A821-A, J7HZ-F and UUA-F4.

Data mining only confirms these findings. When you queried EVE SDE database for Phoebe for jumps between systems in Jove space, you would get 546 jump connections:

FROM `eve_pho100_dbo`.`mapSolarSystemJumps` 
WHERE `fromRegionID` 
IN ( 10000004, 10000017, 10000019 ) 

But now, when you open your map in game and set all jump lines to be shown, you will notice there is no jump connections in Jove space anymore! Also please notice how the epicenter pinpointed by NPCs players in this ingame news item happens to be exactly in the middle of the cleared area.


Querying Rhea Static Data Export only confirms this:

FROM `eve_rhe100_dbo`.`mapSolarSystemJumps` 
WHERE `fromRegionID` 
IN ( 10000004, 10000017, 10000019 ) 

Warning: wild speculation follows

This answers the question why CCP has removed Jovian graphical assets from the game earlier this year. There are no Jovians left. I am probably safe to say that by now all the Jove are gone!

This also let’s me believe that the whole “Stargate Building” thing shown by CCP Seagull during the last Fanfest will most likely happen in the post-Jovian regions of space. Of course nothing has been confirmed byt the CCP yet.

Jove ship models soon to be removed from EVE client

Jovians are the fifth, technologically superior, elusive race of New Eden. For years their ships were in the game, even despite the fact that the race is non-playable. Sometimes one could see them, when CCP Actors were flying Jovian ships during live events. According to these two tweets below, Jovian ships will soon be no more:

Sarmatiko found jovian ships removed
CCP Explorer confirms

Technically it’s possible to download ship 3D assets from CCP CDN and preserve them on external server, which means it would always be possible to view them in 3D using CCP WebGL. Unfortunately there is also some legal implications (this is CCP’s intelectual property after all, and they would have to explicitly allow copying these ship assets to a third party website). If the answer was ‘yes’, I would be more than happy to run and maintain such “virtual museum” for EVE ships.

What are we talking about? Of course about these little fellows:

Jove-Eidolon Jove-Phantom Jove-Wraith Jove-Specter Jove-Visitant

Until CCP removes these ships from their CDN, you can still view these ships in 3D in LMeve Database: