…coming soon in Rubicon Point-Release

With the new year break now over, Rubicon 1.1 is looming closer. If you’ve enjoyed the new deployables in Rubicon, you will certainly like the two new ones coming in this point release!

Rubicon 1.1 will be deployed on January 28th, 2014.

Mobile Micro Jump Unit

  • single use structure
  • can’t be placed:
    • within 20km of gates or stations,
    • within 40km of a starbase tower
    • within 10km of another MJU
  • you have to be in range (within 5000m) to start spool-up
  • spool-up of 12s, skills are not taken into account
  • no cooldown – can immediately use a MJD or another MJU
  • anchor time 60s
  • lifetime 48hr
  • 5k EHP
  • can be used by friends and foes alike
  • 50m3 volume
  • 1M ISK build cost

If it could only be used by friends, it would be a major game changer, but it would also be overpowered a lot. With the approach CCP took, it seems much more balanced. Use cases? Quick spread-out to avoid getting bombed (MJU does not determine the direction of the micro jump). Will also allow a lot of cat & mouse games if you put enough of those around a reinforced tower. And yes, this structure is very similar to an acceleration gate (well, it does not determine the direction, though). Fun to be had!

Mobile Scan Inhibitor

  • single use structure
  • Can’t be placed:
    • within 75km of gates, wormholes or stations,
    • within 40km of control towers
    • within 100km of another scan inhibitor – MSIs can’t cloak each other
  • Hides everything within 30km radius from
    • d-scan
    • combat probes
    • itself it can be probed pretty easily
    • you only know something is hidden, but you don’t know WHAT
  • Ships inside 30km radius of MSI cannot use d-scan o probes
  • anchor time 60s
  • lifetime 1hr
  • 45k EHP
  • 100m3 volume
  • 15M ISK build cost

Again, not a major game changer, but allows to hide fleet composition from dcsan, which can be pretty useful. 30km range means that even if hidden ships are orbiting at 29,5km from the structure, it should be quite easy to catch them. Ceptors, arazus/lachesis’/proteus’ should be able to do that nearly instantly. HICs however would not be able to bubble everything just after dropping, though. Again, it gives a twist, but is not a major game changer.



Well, if you log in to the Singularity test server, there is even more point-release things to see:

  • Little things by CCP karkur
  • Resists in Show Info are in one row now
  • Redesigned Station models (in space)
  • Redesigned Capital wrecks (WiP)
  • Rendered icons are now part of the patch

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