Hearthstone Beta finally in Europe!

This morning my mailbox has greeted me with the following message (on the right):hearthstone

The Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft closed beta has been running in the US for quite a while already, and EU players got their beta invitation codes only recently. While I am not a big World of Warcraft fan (tried the game briefly in 2007 and 2009), I was waiting impatiently to try Hearthstone out, mainly because I enjoy card games a lot and because a card game from Blizzard will be an A-grade game. The company has also confirmed a tablet release coming after the PC version, which is a very good news for me. I’m on the move a lot, so I will play much more often on my tablet than on the PC.

I have played several other e-CCGs already, most notably:

  • MTG: DotP 2012-2014
  • M&M DoC
  • O&C Duels

This means I will be looking at Hearthstone from an already established perspective. You can expect an initial review coming in shortly 😉

EDIT: As promised, initial review can be found here.

Some Guy (formerly Poetic Stanziel) got his beta code recently as well. Make sure to read his initial thoughts about Hearthstone on his blog @NerdSoliloquy.