Odyssey 1.1 brings back the power of NOS

Odyssey 1.1 will bring back some nice changes to PVP (there is something for industrialists as well). Sadly, it will also increase the minimum hardware requirements for EVE.

While the date of the expansion has not been disclosed yet, dev-blog about HW requirements blog mentions July 10th.

So, what is going to change?

  • Nosferatu modules will use actual cap value instead of percentage to determine if it can leech or not. What does this seemingly simple change mean? Small ships with low base cap will be able to leech bigger ships almost forever. You battleships pilots can expect nasty NOS frig gangs.

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  • Industrial ships are getting tiericide. As a result, two main roles emerge:
    • speed and tank
    • huge cargo

    Some races (Gallente, Minmatar) had more industrials – these will get specialized cargo bays, for example for PI commodities, ores and gases or ammunition. Battle Badger will now be known as HAM Battle Badger btw.

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  • EVE Online system requirements will be increased: minimum system will be NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or AMD X2600 GPU, and a dual core CPU running at 2.0 GHz


Pay twice – train twice

The recent dev-blog by CCP Quant almost made me jump! I have been playing EVE for nearly 8 years now, and had two accounts for about 6. Alternate characters are damn useful (especially for industry and cynoing around), so there is never enough of them little buggers. Unfortunately, only one char can train per account, which means that you would have to cut the training time from your main at some point to create another alt. Everyone knows that the main should have as many SP as possible (you know, for show off purposes!). This is what makes most people open a second account: so training alts doesn’t stop the main from training.

Guess what? CCP will allow you to train a second character on the same account

Of course it costs PLEX a month, but it is almost exactly as if you had a second account. You can still log only one character per account, so this change won’t help multiboxers.

This is still a very welcome change, because it allows:

  • to keep training your main character at all times
  • train more useful alts on the main account
  • no need to move characters between accounts in order to train

How to enable it?

Simply right click a PLEX and select “Activate Dual Character Training”. The change will come to Tranquility with Odyssey expansion.

What it will not do?

  • Dual Character Training does not affect the game time on account
    • If your sub runs out, the Dual Character Training pauses until your sub is renewed
  • Once Dual character Training runs out, the character with less SP will stop training
  • Dual Character Training does not allow you to login to game with two characters from the same account
  • Dual Character Training does not auto-renew and cannot be stacked
    • You can pay for another term 7 days before the current one expires

Odyssey now deployed on Singularity

In the late evening of May 8th CCP has deployed first true Odyssey build (531040) on the Singularity test server. My Twitter stream has quickly become flooded with screens and videos from Odyssey, so here is a quick summary of which features are already on Singularity, and can be tested by the community. Screenshots included.

  • New EVE Launcher:
  • Ship skill tree has been updated, but old Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills still remain in the tree with 0 SP
    • Before logging in old amount of SP was displayed
    • After login skills got updated – about 6 million SP has been added

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Mineral composition changes in Odyssey

I have run a quick analysis on the numbers posted by CCP Fozzie in his dev-blog about industry changes in Odyssey. While the changes do affect mining for profit to some degree, they make manufacturing in nullsec much easier. When I was in nullsec, the budding industrialists would only mine the most expensive ore, strictly for profit. Mining anything else – like Veld for industry purposes – was considered waste of time. “You can do it in high-sec mate, so why bother?” or so I was told at the time. With the considerable increase in production lines amount at outposts, this mineral composition change will help null industrialists to do more production locally and without the need to import minerals from high sec (which in the end isn’t that hard if you own a jump freighter).

Ok, let’s have a look at the numbers now, shall we?

Ore composition changes in Odyssey
Ore composition changes in Odyssey

Spodumain has received most of the love, which brings it from half Veldspar value to about 130% of Veldspar value. Gneiss will now be worth about 140% of Veldspar value, which is very nice, considering the fact, that low-sec grav sites often contain considerable amounts of it.

EVE Online: Odyssey Status Post


Expansion name: Odyssey
Release date: June 4th, 2013
Expansion theme: Exploration, Resource shakeup (EVE Online: Cataclysm!!! …just kidding), Outpost and POS iterations, Ship Skill Tree change, Ship rebalancing
Last update of this post: 04.06.2013
Patch notes: Odyssey 1.0
SQLite Database dump: build 539491 *

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See this post for information regarding Odyssey 1.1
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[UPDATE] EVE Odyssey announced

EVE Online: Odyssey Status Post is already up! make sure to check it out.

It is my favourite time of the year again. This weekend witnessed much more than one of the largest live events in EVE (and DUST 514). Yesterday at PAX East 2013 CCP has also announced the summer expansion for EVE Online, which should arrive in our EVE folders by 4th of June. It seems that the devs agree with the playerbase, that the most successful expansion to the date was Apocrypha. Yup, your guess is right: after two war-centered expansions, the theme of the upcoming, nineteenth free expansion “Odyssey” will again be exploration.


There is little information which we know for sure, apart from the big skill tree change. CCP has hinted some ships rebalancing (most likely battleships, and maybe some first tech II) and UI polishing. Some POS love has also been mentioned, so those of us who have to deal with POSes can expect an easier life in game (let’s hope so ;-)). Last but not least, the live events will continue. If you couldn’t enter Luminaire during the battle for Caldari Prime last friday, don’t worry. You will get your chance to participate soon enough. CCP has also hinted resource redistribution. Some players belive this is about nerfing all high sec refineries (to 35% or below base yield, so even with ultra perfect skills you will not get 100% minerals). It can also mean that all static asteroid belts will be moved to exploration (which CCP was mentioning in the past). Without dev-blogs explaining the hints we’re pretty much doing guesswork, so don’t take any of it for granted.

Changes to exploration mean new modules, new scanning system (yet again – this will be the third iteration), new complexes and visuals to explore. I am curious if CCP is going to overhaul the COSMOS complexes, which used to be the most beautiful locations in game pre-Trinity (it was all animated, mind you):

2006. 2006.

My usual expansion status post is coming soon The Status Post for Odyssey is up (feel free to check old status posts for the past expansions: Retribution 1.1, Retribution, Inferno, Crucible), once CCP starts releasing information, which should most likely start during the upcoming Fanfest 2013.

Stay tuned!


Here’s the original presentation of Odyssey during PAX East 2013: