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EVE industry Profit Chart report for November 2018

Hi industrial minded capsuleers o7

Last month I have published the first Profit Chart report for EVE Online, but it was only partially useful.
Why? Because I missed the most imprtant part required to understand how the report is made.


Profit Chart is a module within LMeve application, which compares costs of running the complete production process (invention, subparts, manufacturing) and the lowest sell price.

But what about ME you say? What about Decryptors for Invention?

  • For Tech I items and ships ME 10 is assumed.
  • For Tech II modules no decryptors are used, so ME is 2.
  • For Tech II ships Symmetry Decryptor is used, so ME is 4, and run number on the BPC is 3.
  • For Capital Parts ME 10 is used.
  • For Capital Ships ME 4 is used.

EVE Profit Chart report for November 2018

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Feel free to comment, if you think other assumptions would be better, or if there is anything unclear that needs further explanation 🙂 I'd like this to be a monthly post, so more useful it is, the better 🙂

Fly safe o7


EVE industry Profit Chart report for October 2018

One of the interesting features of LMeve is "Profit Chart". It is able to analyze manufacturing costs (including materials, invention, reverse engineering or manufacturing fees). On the other side it shows the current minimum sell price in Jita and potential profit. It also shows the market volume for the item, so you know if there is much isk to be made, or just a few billion.

Are you interested in knowing which items are best produced in October? Check out this monthly Profit Chart Report for October 2018.