Retribution Point Release brings new V3 shaders

As predicted in my Odyssey Status Post, the brand new V3 shaders are coming earlier, than expected:

PS. It often happens that changes visible on Singularity make it earlier to the game than in the big new expansion (for example they could be included in Retribution 1.5 Point Release).

What I didn’t guess is the Point Release number, which is 1.2. Full patch notes can be found here.

Station Interiors, Drones and Capital ship V3

As always, I’m impressed with CCP Art Departament’s work. You will be, too, because the station interiors are fully animated (force fields, lights), and you will see random ships floating in the distance. I only miss the old Gallente station interior with holographic Quafe ad inside 😉
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Easter Egg change in Retribution 1.1

CCP has changed an existing easter egg in Retribution 1.1. It was seeded as a gift for capsuleers during the holiday season:

Key Pass to Open The Door
Key Pass to Open the Door
A very special and valuable key pass that uses some of the rarest elements known to humankind in order to create the most secure access card possible.

These passes are so rare and valuable, they are only ever used by capsuleers, to protect their quarters on board stations where they are docked. Without one of these keys one would likely not have a chance of getting in, or out, of a capsuleer’s private quarters.

The description now reads:

Key Pass to Open The Door
Deactivated Station Key Pass
At the end of YC114, station managers across New Eden were surprised and shocked by the accidental delivery of station key passes to large numbers of pilots due to an inventory error in the InterBus central database. With recall next to impossible, the recommendation of veteran station manager Scotty, now consulting with the SCC, was to simply send out a general deactivation order and replace the master key passes used by station staff. The mistakenly delivered passes are now nothing more than souvenirs of an odd but ultimately harmless incident.

So, all my rambling in this post about possible opening of the door was… Well… Pure, baseless, unfounded speculation. By the way, it seems that our Docking Manager friend Scotty has got himself a new job.

Retribution 1.1 Point Release status post

Expansion name: Retribution 1.1 Point Release
Release date: February 19th, 2013
Expansion theme: Battlecruiser rebalancing, Black Ops boost, Cloaking Device boost, Ancillary Armor Repairer, Armor Plate boost, in-space route map
Last update of this post: 19.02.2013
Patch notes: available
SQLite Database dump: build 473478

Battlecruiser rebalancing

The Spaceship Command skill tree will not be changed until the new Summer Expansion Source: Fozzie’s forum post. Battlecruisers will however get their tiericide treatment very soon. Some ships are getting boosted (former tier one), some are getting nerfed (former tier two) and some are getting adjusted (vide: Myrmidon). Source: yet another Fozzie’s forum post.


5% bonus to all Armor Resistances

10% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 5/4/7,
4 turrets, 4 launchers
Fittings: 1100MW, 415tf
Shields: 3000
Armor: 5500
Hull: 4000
Capacitor: 2850
Cap Recharge: 750s
Max Velocity: 150 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 75
Drone bay: 225
Targeting range: 50km
Scan Resolution: 210
Max Locked targets: 6
Sensor strength: 17
Signature radius: 270
Cargo capacity: 400


5% bonus to all Shield Resistances

10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret optimal range

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 8/5/4,
7 turrets
Fittings: 1250MW, 510tf
Shields: 5000
Armor: 3500
Hull: 4000
Capacitor: 2750
Cap Recharge: 723s
Max Velocity: 140 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 25
Drone bay: 25
Targeting range: 65km
Scan Resolution: 195
Max Locked targets: 8
Sensor strength: 19
Signature radius: 295
Cargo capacity: 475


10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage

7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer effectiveness

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 7/4/6,
6 turrets
Fittings: 1125MW, 435tf
Shields: 3500
Armor: 4500
Hull: 4750
Capacitor: 3000
Cap Recharge: 789s
Max Velocity: 155 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 50
Drone bay: 50
Targeting range: 55km
Scan Resolution: 200
Max Locked targets: 7
Sensor strength: 18
Signature radius: 305
Cargo capacity: 475


5% to Heavy and Heavy Assault Missile rate of fire

7.5% bonus to shield boosting amount

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 7/5/5,
2 turrets, 5 launchers
Fittings: 1100MW, 525tf
Shields: 5000
Armor: 3750
Hull: 3750
Capacitor: 2850
Cap Recharge: 750s
Max Velocity: 165 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 50
Drone bay: 50
Targeting range: 45km
Scan Resolution: 220
Max Locked targets: 6
Sensor strength: 17
Signature radius: 250
Cargo capacity: 450


10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret Damage

10% bonus Medium Energy Turret capacitor use

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 7/4/6,
6 turrets
Fittings: 1425MW, 375tf
Shields: 3000
Armor: 5000
Hull: 4500
Capacitor: 3125
Cap Recharge: 822s
Max Velocity: 150 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 50
Drone bay: 75
Targeting range: 55km
Scan Resolution: 210
Max Locked targets: 6
Sensor strength: 17
Signature radius: 270
Cargo capacity: 375


5% bonus to all Shield Resistances

10% bonus to heavy and heavy assault missile kinetic damage

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 7/6/4,
6 launchers
Fittings: 800MW, 500tf
Shields: 5250
Armor: 3250
Hull: 3750
Capacitor: 2500
Cap Recharge: 658s
Max Velocity: 140 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 25
Drone bay: 25
Targeting range: 60km
Scan Resolution: 195
Max Locked targets: 8
Sensor strength: 19
Signature radius: 295
Cargo capacity: 450


7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer effectiveness

10% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 5/5/6,
5 turrets
Fittings: 1050MW, 400tf
Shields: 3500
Armor: 4500
Hull: 4750
Capacitor: 2850
Cap Recharge: 750s
Max Velocity: 145 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 100
Drone bay: 200
Targeting range: 55km
Scan Resolution: 200
Max Locked targets: 7
Sensor strength: 18
Signature radius: 305
Cargo capacity: 400


5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret damage

5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire

Can fit Warfare Link modules

Slot layout: 7/4/6,
6 turrets, 3 launchers
Fittings: 1125MW, 400tf
Shields: 4250
Armor: 4500
Hull: 3500
Capacitor: 2250
Cap Recharge: 592s
Max Velocity: 165 m/s
Drone bandwidth: 30
Drone bay: 30
Targeting range: 50km
Scan Resolution: 220
Max Locked targets: 6
Sensor strength: 16
Signature radius: 250
Cargo capacity: 425

From patch notes: “As a part of these changes, extra materials have been added to the build requirements of several Battlecruisers. These extra materials do not return when the ships are reprocessed.”

Similar change hit Mining Barges during their rebalancing. Minerals are simply added as “additional materials”. This is CCPs prefered solution to combat possible speculation as covered in this post about barges. If CCP added the minerals as normal materials, people would simply buy off entire supply of battlecruisers from market now, and then reprocess them post patch to multiply the minerals. Yes, dear players, this is because we are a bunch of smartass opportunists 😉

Black ops boost

Source: Fozzie’s forum post.

All Black Ops battleships will get a boost to jump range, which base will be 3.5 ly (+75% range boost to current 2.0 ly). Fuel bay has been increased to 1250m3 (+25% increase), whereas Jump Portal fuel need has been reduced by 25%. These changes will certainly make Black Ops quite a bit more useful (I was however arguing that black ops were useful already – in this post).

Cloaking device boost

  • CPU need of Covops cloak have been reduced to 100, while coverts, recons and blockade runners get their bonus adjusted to “-20% CPU needed for cloaks per level”.
  • Covert Cynosural Field can now be fitted to any ship that can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Device

Armor tanking changes

Source: Fozzie’s forum post.

Armor Rigs

  • Change the penalty on all active armor rigs (Aux Nano Pump, Nanobot Accelerator, and the new Nanobot Overcharger) to increase the powergrid use of local armor reps by 10% instead of reducing ship velocity. Note this is increasing the PG use of the reps by 10% (or 5% at Armor Rigging V) not decreasing the total PG of the ship.


  • New skill: Armor Upgrades. This skill reduces the mass penalty of all armor plates by 5% per level. (Int/Mem, rank 3, requires Mechanics 3) This skill affects all plates (including 1600mm)
  • All 800mm, 200mm and 50mm plates mass penalty is reduced by 20%

Armor Reps:

  • Reduce the PG need of all Medium Armor Repair units by 20%
  • Reduce the PG need of all Large Armor Repair units by 10%

Ancillary Armor Repairer

  • When not loaded with Nanite Repair Paste, has 75% repair amount as a T1 Armor Repairer
  • When loaded with Nanite Repair Paste triples rep amount (so reps for a total of  225% a T1 repairer when loaded)
  • Same cycle time and fittings as T1 reps
  • Always uses the same cap as a normal (T1/T2/Named) Armor Repper
  • Small reps use 1 paste per cycle, mediums 5, larges 10. Each holds 8 cycles of paste. Reload time is 1 minute just like an ASB
  • Can only fit one such mod per ship
  • Incursus gets its rep bonus reduced from 10% to 7.5%

Crimewatch 2.1

With the introduction of the new Crimewatch it is now impossible to start a consentful 1 vs 1 by stealing from each others containers. Doing so after the release of Retribution will result in a global Suspect flag, so anyone in the system can legally attack you. To rememdy this, Team Five O has introduced a way to start a consentful duel in high security space by giving you a limited engagement flag against each other. Source: dev-blog.

New limited edition ships

A bunch of new ship makes their way to New Eden. First of them is Society’s of Conscious Thought (Jovian) Gnosissee this post for more details about it.

gnosis gnosis-fitting

Ship stats are available in Data Dump Explorer:

Pirate rookie ships & Faction Destroyers

Ship collectors and market speculators get another set of new toys to play with: pirate rookie ships. It seems that all the ship skins which art departament made during the V3 process will eventually make their way to the game.

violator echo hematos immolator
taipan nefantar-thrasher

Ship stats are available in Data Dump Explorer:

UI changes

  • New Information Panels now show all the system information in a consistent way. Source: dev blog.
    Each panel has three modes: normal, compact and collapsed. Normal mode is the one we are used to and is the most verbose one. Compact mode shows the most important information and the collapsed mode hides the panel completely. Information is still accessible by hovering the mouse cursor above the top row of icons. It is also possible to re-arrange the panels by dragging the icons in the top row.
    It is worth noting, that a Notification Panel will join the existing ones in a further release. It will work in a similar way to Notification Center in Android and iOS, by aggregating all notifications into one configurable list.
    info panels
  • Route displayed on the background stars.
    There is a new autopilot setting “Show route path in space”. When enabled, it will draw the route in space, connecting the stars in the space scene nebula. When you click the screen below you will also notice that the stargate actually connects the system you’re in to the rest of the path.
  • You can now click Alliance logos to zoom in on them.
  • Skill Points will now be displayed in Medical Window, so you no longer have to open the Character Sheet to know which clone upgrade to buy.
  • Corporation Recruitment process has been further streamlined (source: dev-blog)
  • Applying character has to confirm that they still want to join once their application has been accepted
  • Welcome mail can now be customized, for example to contain TeamSpeak and Corp Wiki addresses.

War changes

  • War history in Corporations and Alliances will be divided into groups
    • Active Wars
    • Factional Wars (active)
    • Pending Wars
    • Finished Wars
  • Allies will not have to wait 24 hours before joining the war – this cooldown will be reduced to 4 hours.
  • Inactive characters are not taken into account when calculating war cost – remember to log on all alts when you get a war dec!
  • Peace after surrender – when one entity surrenders to another, both corporations are forced into 14 days of peace, when no war can be started against each other.

Source: dev-blog by Punkturis

PS. If you find any information inaccurate or out of date, feel free to contact me. This post is meant to be a “by players – for players” source of information.


Battlecruiser changes proposed by CCP Fozzie

As stated in the previous year, CCP is continuing their rebalancing efforts and is now looking into Battlecruiser rebalancing (see frigate and cruiser changes in this post). Namely devs are going to remove Tiers and bring much-needed love to some underutilized BC hulls. The rebalanced battlecruisers will have their EHP levelled, former Tier 1 versions receiving a slight boost, while Tier 2 are going to get a slight nerf.

It’s worth mentioning, that the changes to Prophecy and Cyclone are giving them a new role. Prophecy is now becoming a drone boat, while keeping it’s tanking potential. The Cyclone is getting a missile launcher RoF bonus, resulting in a bonus to all damage types.

The original post by Fozzie is here on the forums, and all the changes have been summed up in the tables below:

Up to date tables are available in Retribution Point Release post.

PS. One more thing. Hans Jagerblitzen has replied to Fozzie’s original post in a way that suggests possible changes to active armor tanking:

Hans Jagerblitzen
But Fozzie, 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount on both Gallente Battlecruisers?? But we all know how much active armor tanking sucks!! Whatever will you do about this dilemma…..

I wouldn’t say my triple-armor-rep Myrmidon sucks. I haven’t lost it even once yet 😉

Speculation post! What if…?

When Retribution was still in beta, I’ve noticed that there are new easter eggs in the game: items that exist in the db, but are not necessarily existing on Tranquility.

Later in one of the dev-blogs, CCP has admitted that we will be getting these items as a Christmas Gift on 20th of December:

So what are we giving you above and beyond Snowballs? Well honestly, some completely random stuff. I am not going to say what we are giving you here as there are those of you who look forward to the surprise; if you wanted to know though I am pretty sure with a little looking around you could figure it out… well part of the gift anyways. 😉

“Part of the gift”? So the Easter Egg items are not the whole gift?

While talking to my corp mates we’ve came to a conclusion, that CCP might have added more features to Retribution, than the patch notes say, kind of a hidden surprise feature. I’m pretty sure you will guess it yourself, once you read the description of one of the easter egg items:

Key Pass to Open The Door

Name: Key Pass to Open the Door
A very special and valuable key pass that uses some of the rarest elements known to humankind in order to create the most secure access card possible.

These passes are so rare and valuable, they are only ever used by capsuleers, to protect their quarters on board stations where they are docked. Without one of these keys one would likely not have a chance of getting in, or out, of a capsuleer’s private quarters.

I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow the big red button will not be stopping you anymore from having a walk on the station promenade. It wouldn’t use much coding to create a bigger in-station environments, really: the “building blocks” for station environments have been created for Incarna and then subsequently for Crucible, when three more CQs have been added to the game. It’s just matter of making bigger maps from the existing building blocks.

Of course all the above is just pure speculation; I’ve been using ship spinning hangar view for years and only visit the CQ once in a while. But since Retribution is CCPs third expansion to make up for the Incarna blunder, I wouldn’t be surprised if CCP finally gave players some meaningful “walking in stations” which they have promised us so long ago.

To know if the above is true (or not), we will have to wait until tomorrow gifts have been seeded!

New ships, new easter eggs, new music, collectible New Eden Open cards… lot’s of new stuff.

CCP sprint is as fast as ever, meaning that the test version (currently available on Buckingham) is changing really fast now. A lot more stuff is coming this winter than the official information say.

First off, there is all the changes from the Retribution Status Post. But that’s not all. Yesterday a mass test run by CCP Habakuk took place on the test server Buckingham. I could probably complain a little bit about the “moveme” command moving to 6-C, whereas test fleet meeting point was in D2-HOS, several jumps away. While getting there, I occupied myself with the market window. What good did I found there? A lot.

  • Let’s start with new market groups. All Special Edition items and ships have dedicated market groups now:

  • Yes, you see it right. Four new Special Edition frigates have been added:

This should bring a smile to collectors, such as Entity, or market speculators, who trade in Special Edition items (wink wink, hint hint).

  • Remember Snowballs? CCP has melted them, because they have been used for griefing purposes (hey, this is New Eden, what would you expect? Capsuleers playing nice? Forget it 😉 ). Snowballs are quite likely to make a comeback this year:

  • The new targeting brackets have been iterated upon and has changed:

From this »»» To this

As usual, I have updated the Data Dump Explorer (plain SQLite is available as well) with the current Retribution build (449071). Please remember that market groups in this dump are from an earlier build and does not contain new market groups. invItems table is however up to date.

Good, fresh easter-eggs from the DB

Collectible New Eden Open cards

New Eden Open will have an in-game collectible cards. Like baseball cards, but these are about Internet Spaceships instead.

You can read about ideas for the collectible cards in this forum thread.

[UPDATE] Another short report from Duality

Retribution login screen

  • Without doubt, the last couple of login screens were beautiful, and so is the Retribution one.
  • All unnamed ships have now received their name:
    • ORE Frigate – Dasher Venture
    • New Amarr Destroyer – Dragoon
    • New Caldari Destroyer – Corax
    • New Gallente Destroyer – Algos
    • New Minmatar Destroyer – Talwar
  • The new Stabber and Vagabond models look closer to the release version, but still are not ready yet. The current Buckingham build contains new fully textured models of Vagabond, Stabber and Stabber Fleet Issue:

New Stabber in Retribution New Stabber Fleet Issue in Retribution New Vagabond in Retribution


The Retribution Status Post has been updated as well.

PS. Build 443330 446218 SQLite Data Dump is available for viewing:


Duality has been closed for player use, and all Retribution testing has been moved to Buckingham. Dasher has been now renamed to Venture.

[UPDATE] In the meantime, on Duality…

EVE Online has several active test servers right now, mainly because of DUST 514 development, Inferno development and Retribution development.

Singularity, the most famous EVE test server is currently hosting DUST bunnies. From EVE Online point of view, it allows testing the EVE-DUST integration and interaction with DUST 514 players.

Buckingham was just recently used to test the current Inferno 1.3.2 build that brought Districts to Temperate planets, as well as Faction Warfare changes.

As you already have guessed, Duality is the place to test the new winter expansion Retribution and all the features connected to it.

Retribution login screen

A lot of ships will get a model redesign in Retribution, including Megathron, Stabber and Vagabond. Tempest model has been resculpted as well.

New Tempest model in Retribution New Tempest model in Retribution New Megathron model in Retribution New Kronos model in Retribution

Four new destroyers will be added to the game, and this is how they look “live”. I really like the animated forcefields protecting the Gallente destroyer’s drone bays. This is something that IMHO should make its way to Thanatos when cap ships get V3.

Outer Ring Excavations, a corp that designed Hulk and Noctis (in game) is presenting you the new ORE frigate:

The Sansha Nation ships shader looks even better than before (remember the chameleon shader mentione in the status post?). Now its become an oily shader – it looks as if the hulls have been engulfed in some kind of fuel (or nanites!).

The UI has been improved as well. First off, the new Inventory UI has been iterated upon. To switch between the new and old hangar view, just click this small button:

To prevent new players from accidently becoming criminals, a safety switch has been added. Please note this is not a PVP flag switch! It only prevents YOU from firing. You are still a valid target for everyone else, despite this setting. Think of it like a weapon safety switch.

New targeting brackets look like this. Also note the new damage notifications.

All hardeners and resistance amplifiers will have specific damage type icons:


Micro Jump Drive and Micro Jump Drive Operation skillbook have been seeded. The new Micro Jump Drive takes 12 seconds to charge, and once it does, it catapults the ship exactly 100km forward. It grants +1 warp strength when activated, but is still affected by 2 or more Warp Disruptors, Warp Scramblers, and of course Warp Disruption bubbles. It can only be fitted to Tech I and Tech II Battleships.

Videos (by JonnyPew)

Last week our trusty #tweetfleet test pilot @JonnyPew had a peek on Duality to show you all the new stuff, so besides my screenshots, there is also some video footage of his:


All videos are © and courtesy of JonnyPew.

Wait, there is more!

CCP is opening the Duality this weekend to allow more features to be tested, including, but not limited to:

  • Bounty Hunting. ASB (Ancillary Shield Booster) changes. Salvage Drones. Micro Jump Drive. Reactive Armor Hardener changes.
  • AI Changes & More.
  • HUD changes
  • Changes to module tooltips
    (Also note that the HUD changes include a work-in-progress new in space damage notifications)
  • Unified Inventory changes
  • Attack Cruisers
  • Combat Cruisers
  • Fleet Hangar changes
  • Mass Testing AI

The mass test will take place next Monday, October 29th, at 14:00 EVE time. Details are available in this forum thread.

To connect to duality, follow this simple procedure:

  • Copy your main EVE installtion to a different folder, for example “EVE TEST”,
  • Make a shortcut to eve.exe from this new copy on your desktop,
  • Right click the shortcut, go to properties.
  • In the “target” field, add ” /server:duality”, save the shortcut
  • Launch the new shortcut and let it patch.

Close up on Orbital Bombardment

Orbital Bombardment is one of the most spectacular features (but not necessarily the most important one) in the upcoming Retribution expansion. EVE Online pilots will be able to turn the tides in DUST 514 battles by nuking planetary targets directly from orbit.

For example like this:


EVE Players are not concerned with the ability to shoot DUST-bunnies: they either look forward to it or simply don’t care at all. Pod pilots are however afraid of bunnies shooting back. You see, at first sight it seems that DUST players simply respawn and don’t have to grind ISK to buy ships like majority of us EVE players do. It is not entirely true. You can use cheap tech I fittings in EVE, and you can use expensive deadspace fitted faction ships. The same applies to DUST where you can use cheap and weak gear, or expensive, high quality one that you have to pay tons of ISK or AUR for.

Planetary bombardment already exists in EVE lore

The Dominix Navy Issue’s past is prominently interwoven with history, as it is known to have directly participated in the blockade and bombardment of Caldari Prime along with the Dracofeu orbital-class bomber two centuries ago. Engineered for capsule compliance, and refitted to serve more traditional combat roles, the Dominix Navy Issue today remains an extremely effective vessel and an invaluable asset in close- to mid-range battle situations.

Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage and 10% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage per skill level.

Did you notice the fragment in bold? It has been there for as long as Dominix Navy Issue exists, but had no real meaning until DUST 514 Orbital Bombardment feature.

CCP has mentioned several times, that destroyers will be the ship of choice for orbital bombardment, and that a new set of destroyers will be introduced in the winter expansion. Although Dracofeu is a ship from two hundred years in the EVE past, it doesn’t mean the new Destroyer couldn’t bear this name. It would even make sense considering the fact, that the Dominix Navy is a rather “old” design as well.

Destroyers won’t get the bonus right away, however. According to the post I’ve linked above, it will happen sometime after the initial deployment of winter expansion.

Hands on lab

First, you need a Tactical space-to-ground ammo. The only size available is small at the moment,  which suggests the use of small craft with many turrets (Destroyers!) or turret bonuses (faction frigates). It is also worth to notice that each ammo type has different properties: lasers are very precise, high damage appliances, while projectiles are more less anti-shield Area-of-Effect weapon.

Once ammo has been loaded up, we need to go to the planet where the engagement is on. Our DUST 514 friends will provide us with the District they are fighting over. New warpable coordinates are available in orbit of Temperate  planets (a side effect of this is more “ready-to-use” safespots have been created by CCP; if you are warping away from a hostile gate, look for temperate planets).

Once in orbit, you will see the District:


Once connected, it’s up for our DUST bunnies friends on the surface to provide the coordinates. Once coordinates have been received, you can activate the bombardment.

It’s worth mentioning, that the satellites, which play the role of warpable beacons are great looking models. I wonder if the Art Departament could improve scanning probes in such a fashion?

Now the same on video, courtesy of @JonnyPew. This vid is a fraps of the recent mass test that took place on Buckingham on September 27th.


EVE Online: Retribution Status Post

Expansion name: Retribution
Expansion number: 18
Release date: December the 4th, 2012
Expansion theme: Ships and weapons rebalancing, Crimewatch (new PvP agression rules), new HUD, Factional Warfare and DUST 514 integration, Bounty Hunting
Last update of this post: 30.11.2012
SQLite Database dump: Buckingham build 454549
Patch notes: available here for build 453216

Retribution login screen

I know this post is a huge wall of text, but I’m trying to make it as complete and as accurate as humanly possible; instead of having to look for information about the new expansion in dozen different places, all you have to do is read through this post.

Table of contents (or TL;DR part)

  • Blueprints for new items
  • Capital ships’ Corp Hangar changes
  • Crime Watch 2.0
  • Bounty Hunting system 2.0
  • Graphical changes & ship facelifts (new Special Edition ships, Snowballs)
  • UI changes
  • Ships rebalancing
  • Frigate rebalancing
  • Destroyers (Dragoon, Corax, Algos, Talwar)
  • Cruiser rebalancing
  • Hurricane balancing
  • Turret sound changes
  • Missile changes
  • Module changes
  • Officer drone upgrades
  • E-War rebalancing
  • ORE Mining frigate (Venture)
  • NPCs AI overhaul
  • Officer Rogue Drone spawns
  • Faction Warfare – Warzone Control changes
  • Faction Warfare – NPC changes

Read more