What’s new in Rubicon 1.3? Status post! (due to popular demand)


Last friday @Darkblad_eve, maintainer of a german fansite schildwall.info, sent me some resources regarding Rubicon 1.3. I couldn’t just ignore it, so here you go: the usual feature compilation for upcoming 1.3 Point Release for Rubicon!

New way of acquiring the Astero, Stratios and Nestor

High demand caused new Sisters of EVE ships to have quite a pricetag. CCP came up with a solution, that will reduce these high prices slightly, boosting Rogue Drones nullsec regions at the same time. Since Rubicon 1.3, Rogue Drones will start dropping nexus chips. It will be possible to turn in said chips at any Sisters of EVE agent for a one-run BPC of either a Nestor, Stratios or Astero. The chips will be called:

  • Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip,
  • Rogue Drone 43-X Nexus Chip
  • Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip

Source:dev forum post

T1 Frigate and Cruiser Balance Pass

Combat Frigates:
The Punisher will now follow the new Amarrian high mass pattern. It will be getting a boost to cap recharge and fitting. Kestrel gets a slight a mobility buff. The Breacher is getting a boost and a nerf at the same time: its missile damage bonus will be changed to Rate of Fire bonus (which means higher dps, but also the need to reload more often). It will also be getting a tad more speed at the cost of agility. The changes to Rifter are however the most significant. Rifter will have its Small Projectile Turret tracking bonus changed to a 10% falloff bonus. Judging by the replies under original post, this change was welcomed by the community.

Support Frigates:
First, the whole class is getting more base cap (but with lower cap recharge) and more speed (with lower agility). CCP’s idea is to reward actual piloting skills. Lowered agility will for sure require more attention when flying support frigs. The Inquisitor is also getting additional mass.

The Augoror, Maller and Omen are getting their mass increased substanially. Vexor gets a tiny nerf to agility and speed, but gets its mass reduced to comepnsate. Moa will get a bit more shields at the cost of hull, slightly more cap with better recharge and substantially reduced mass. Osprey gets a bit more speed and less mass at the cost of agility. And Caracal? Caracal will loose just a tiny bit of agility.

Source: dev forum post

Mobile Tractor Unit Meta Types

‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit – best durability
+200% higher sensor strength than the base MTU (affects difficulty of probing)
+25% higher tractor beam velocity than the base MTU
+50% Armor and Shield HP, +33% Hull HP compared to the base MTU

‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit – best range and tractor speed
+500% higher sensor strength than the base MTU (affects difficulty of probing)
+50% higher tractor beam velocity than the base MTU
+40% higher max tractor beam range than the base MTU

Source: dev forum post

Corporation Member Cap Increase

In Rubicon 1.3 the effect of all four of the Corporation Management skills that affect corp membership limits will be doubled:

Corporation Management will provide +20 members per level.
Megacorp Management will provide +100 members per level.
Empire Control will provide +400 members per level.
Sovereignty will provide +2000 members per level.

Source: dev forum post

Remote Sensor Dampeners and the Celestis

The base optimal range of all damps will be reduced by 16.66% and the damp range bonus on the Celestis will be reduced to 7.5% per level.

Name Old Optimal New Optimal
Remote Sensor Dampener I 30000 25000
Remote Sensor Dampener II 36000 30000
Low Frequency Sensor Suppressor I 34500 28750
Indirect Scanning Dampening Unit I 33000 27500
Kapteyn Sensor Array Inhibitor I 31500 26250
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I 36000 30000
‘Broker’ Remote Sensor Dampener I 36000 30000
‘Executive’ Remote Sensor Dampener I 36000 30000
Shadow Serpentis Remote Sensor Dampener 36000 30000

Source: dev forum post

Hull Repair Drones

hull-rep-dronesHull repair modules are the only logistic modules that didn’t have drone counterpart. Since Rubicon 1.3 there will be Hull Repair Drones in Light, Medium and Heavy sizes, and Tech I and Tech II flavours. Their skill requirements will be very similar to Armor Repair Drones, but will be using Remote Hull Repair Systems skill instead of the Remote Armor Repair Systems skill. Other skills required will match other logistic drones. Both Repair Drone Operation skill and Drone Repair Augmentor rigs effect will now be applied to Hull Maintenance Bots just like they do for Armor and Shield drones currently.

  • Light Hull Maintenance Bot I – 6HP restored over 5s
  • Light Hull Maintenance Bot II – 7HP restored over 5s
  • Medium Hull Maintenance Bot I – 12HP restored over 5s
  • Medium Hull Maintenance Bot II – 16HP restored over 5s
  • Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot I – 30HP restored over 5s
  • Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot II – 36HP restored over 5s

Source: dev forum post

New limited edition ships

These have not been officially confirmed by the CCP, neither they are visible on market on Singularity. They have been found in static data dumped from the current Singularity client.

2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014.

Yup, those two guristas ships look like this year’s Alliance Tournament prizes.

On 6 of March CCP Xhagen unveiled the secret of the above ships. According to dev-blog, These are ship skins. They have exactly the same stats as normal ship variants, and will come as BPCs. Some will cost LP, some will be sold for AUR. The microtransaction prices should be moderate, at 45 AUR per 1 run frigate BPC and 350 AUR for Battleship. Of course all ships and blueprints can be sold on market for ISK. While many players question AUR payments in itself, these skins seem to be exactly the same as 100 AUR pants. Don’t like them? Ignore them. Like em? Fly skinned ships. By the way, Police Pursuit Comet blueprint will cost 3,000 CONCORD LP and 3,000,000 ISK and will be available in any station with a CONCORD LP store. I can’t wait to fly the Woop Woop Comet!

By the way, if you inspected the link from @Darkblad_eve that I’ve mentioned in the first paragraph, you’ve probably noticed some new clothing coming to game, too. I like the New Eden Open shirts best:

2014. 2014.

Source: Singularity, Dev-blog

TriLambda Features

  • All ore and ice asteroids have received their Shader Model 3 treatment. EVE has just become prettier.
  • V3 doesn’t end there, because Territorial Claim Units have been redon as well. They will correctly display alliance logos, and have fancy activation animations.
  • Remember the Tristan redesign mentioned on last fanfest? Well, Fat Man does look like a fat man now.
  • Linear Lighting, which is supposed to get more details out of ship textures (but for the moment causes them to look a tad darker than usual).

2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014.

Source: dev forum post, Singularity

Drone Assist change

As per CCP Rise’s forum post, post Rubicon 1.3 it will only be possible to assist a maximum of 50 drones to one pilot.

Source: dev forum post

Little things by Karkur, Punkturis and Merc

  • Guest Lists:
    • can be viewed in compact mode
    • has a counter to show you how many pilots are in the station
    • can be searched in a similar way to search in hangars
  • You can now assign a label when you add a contact
  • It’s now possible to open more than one Kill Report at a time.
  • Orbital bodies in the Show Info window will now have a more functional right click menu
  • The Directional Scanner has now 2 input fields (km and AU) and a slider for range input. The 3 inputs are connected so when one is changed, the other ones update.
  • The angle slider in the D-scanner as been changed so it’s non-linear and has even steps to make it easier to select the lower angles
  • In chat windows:
    • you can specify words to be filtered out
    • you can specify words to be highlighted
    • highlighted words can always blink the chat tab, even if the channel is set “Blink Off”
  • Right click on booster will now show “Consume” as the topmost option
  • The “Fitting” tab in the Show Info window has been given a bit of a facelift
  • The capacity of the bays of your current ship is now displayed in a bar in the Show Info window (just like resists)

Source: dev forum post