Giveaway winners announced!

Three weeks ago my site has hit another visit milestone, and I’ve started this giveaway to celebrate with you!

Today Rubicon goes live on Tranquility, but three pilots will have one more reason to be happy 😉

The winners are

*** FANFARE ***

Maximus Aerelius

1st prize – Megathron Navy Issue

1st_767215551_1024 navy-mega


2nd prize – Rattlesnake

2nd_1191844552_1024 rattlesnake


3rd prize – Sacrilege

3rd_1972446352_1024 sacrilege


Contracts will be up shortly. Thank you everyone for taking part in the giveaway!

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Intaki Syndicate Catalyst has a new owner!

The dice have been cast, and we have the first winner in the 100.000 visits giveaway!

The lucky pilot is: [tududududum!]

MARK726 has won:

Intaki Syndicate Catalyst

Intaki Syndicate Catalyst


It’s worth mentioning that Mark writes an excellent blog: EVE Travel, make sure to drop by. I’m certain you will be amazed by the amount of special places in New Eden that you can visit. Mark is also the author of EVE Lore Guide on Freebooted, which is a very good read if you are into roleplaying.

PS. Dominix Navy Issue is still looking for a new home, so stay tuned!

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