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Project Rorqual

bait-rorqual-burningIt all started back in November 2012. Marcel [Aideron Robotics CEO] asked Aideron Technologies if we can build him a Rorqual. While AR is in FW and not into heavy duty industry, Rorqual can be made into a mobile jump clone station, not to mention it makes a great bait. I have always wanted a Rorqual as well, but since my other capitals have been collecting dust for a long time, I never came down to buying a Rorq. Building it ourselves makes it quite a bit cheaper, so I have decided to finally get one as well.

Aideron Technologies had no Capital blueprints back then: neither for the parts, nor for any capital ships. We had to change that quickly. We have agreed to buy one or two personal capital part BPOs each, and then let the corp use them. Of course corp would research those personal BPOs for free.

Another thing was finding a rather quiet low sec system with factory, where we could build the ship. After some research we found a perfect candidate. Few days of 23,5/7 scouting has confirmed the system is not very active and meets our expectations. Capital Part copies have been made, and in March 2013 we have built our very first Rorqual.

I have started building parts for my Rorqual in May, but because of other tasks (and my absence from EVE) I was unable to finish the ship back then.


In the background you can notice how LMeve makes it easier to track progress of production tasks 😉 It took a few more days of June to make all required capital parts.

And then came this day


In about 12 days I will become a proud owner of a Mobile Cloning Station (got modules already prepeared, shy of small gallente ninja-tower and the fuel for it).

PS. Sorry for my absence

The last couple of weeks was a rough ride in RL, to the extent where I was not even able to log on to EVE for several days. I'm still a bit more busy than usual, but you can expect new posts to arrive at my regular rate of 1-2 a week.

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    • You are probably using some kind of reader, and not accessing the website itself? If yes, please let me know the URL, I will add it to whitelist.

      I had to do some kind of protection, because some guy has copied and pasted one of my posts and made it look like his own. Of course his copy was linking back to the images on my server. I will not host images for a plagiarist.

    • According to my webserver logs you’re using Feedly. I have added feedly.com to whitelist – if you have a minute, please test if screenshots show ok for you now.

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