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EVE Online tier-3 battlecruisers wallpapers

...& more!

The new tier-3 battlecruisers are still not yet ready on Singularity (they are not even textured yet), but it doesn't stop me ( 🙂 ) from creating wallpapers based on the entries to the Create a Starship contest run by the CCP and the one run by CCP together with Deviant Art.

Both ships will be coming to your hangar soon in EVE Online: Crucible, also known as "The Winter Expansion".

EDIT: According to the forums, the new Singularity build already has Tier 3 BC textures, so expect new wallpapers really soon!

EDIT II: The official EVE Online: Crucible wallpapers have been released. Check them out if you like the new nebulae.

The first is the Minmatar Tornado:

Minmatar Tornado wallpaper

Minmatar Tornado wallpaper

The original Tornado artwork is here
(all credit goes to its creator, =dreamwa1ker)

The second is the Amarrian Oracle (original name Mentor):

Amarr Oracle wallpaper

Amarr Oracle wallpaper

Look for the Mentor original artwork here
(all credit goes to its creator, Alexey M)

New Nebulae

If you don't feel like having a ship on your desktop, you might always like the new nebulae:


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