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Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” Alpha 2 released

Ubuntu 11.10 desktop

Ubuntu 11.10 desktop

The Alpha 2 build of the new Ubuntu 11.10, which should be released in about 3 months, has just been released by Canonical. New version of this popular Linux distribution will bring some changes, for example:

  • No Ubuntu Classic (GNOME) fallback. Unity-2d/Qt by default - Unity-2d as default 2d experience.
  • Plan how to integrate GNOME 3 and port GTK2/pygtk2 apps to it.
  • LightDM default login/user switching by LightDM. Ubuntu themed greeter
  • Deja Dup - Simple backup by default
  • Gwibber UI port to speed up UI and more modern look and feel
  • Thunderbird as default email client
  • Software Center UI Focus areas for this cycle are a general visual "makeover" (new icons, etc.), enhanced integration with Unity, targeted performance improvements, better touch-friendliness, increased stability and usability improvements.
Ubuntu 11.10 lock screen

Ubuntu 11.10 lock screen

On a side note, lock screen reminds of an... iPad lock screen.

Source: lists.ubuntu.com

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